Winter ticket limit 1400?

So that’s 55000k a day max so we can run it every 4 days…


Pretty much yes… a chance to run T6 roughly 3 or 4 times depending on faction activity.

Don’t worry though, you’ll be able to buy the offers :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


The greed of this company knows no limit.

What happened to grinding like a champion and being rewarded for it. Now you just have to pay for it.


u also get 500 free daily so 1850 per day

That’s included in his total. 55,050 daily max of 30 member factions. ASSUMING every faction member hits the daily max…which wont happen

They want you to buy them then peer pressure your team mates into buying them. See 9.99 offer for more…


since I got my free tickets I’m not earning more tickets. Thought the count was going in faction total not daily cap. @JB.Scopely

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Never mind figured it out lol. Left faction this morning and came back so not showing all tickets earned

Just another p2w or eff you event.


buy more tickets people

Wtf !!! Lol

I don’t see why people will pay when you’re unlikely to even get the gear you need. I need holster belts, and have enough bandoliers for two T4 blues. So no doubt that’s what I’ll get.

I personally was going for the winter tokens not the gear… a couple of us are most likely going to have to buy some extra tickets to make it happen…

The event is like 18 days long. If you can run tier 6 every 4 days out of 18, how are you coming up with only 2 runs? What am I missing here? lol

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