Winter Shiva Taunt

I am trying to build a defensive paw on Winter Shiva. I was pretty pleased with the result thus far until early testing in raids and worldmaps. My thought was that when Shiva rushed and taunted 3 opponents, the huge bonus on damage would replenish the ar quicker and get her to rush again. Right now I am seeing an AR increase of around 6 after the three taunted opponents attack Shiva. Is this as intended? Is it because the taunted opponents have -60attack that the boost to AR is so minimal.

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The less hit point damage you take the less adrenaline points you get, in this situation health would work better than defence.



This is the same thing with Abe. He’s so tanky that when he taunts, the guys attacking don’t actually do a whole load of damage, ergo, he doesn’t gain any AP. In the era of Kal, Blue Michonne etc this made taunt a powerful control measure. Now it’s still great for effectively disabling a room or more for a few turns, but the days of rush, taunt, rush, taunt are over


It makes sense.
I also forgot Shiva was indomitable too.
My comparison was Bluechonne that I still actively use but the caveats mentioned above put this as a fail in execution on my end. Would have been better served with HP or def in that slot…


I feel like these specialist skills are not always in line with the nature of six stars I feel like they needed a buff like retribution and guardian did the indomitable and hold the line just as they are isnt cutting it anymore.

Isn’t the extra AP from amount of damage a seperate matter to AP when attacked or defending? Huge on attack is a standard 10 + 20 for normal attack = 30. Huge when defending should be 10 gained each time you are attacked however it looks like the question and therefore problem lies with taunt not being classed as being attacked?

Because based on “how things should work”, your Shiva Claws are very very clever and well thought out.

AP on being attacked is not a flat value as AP on attacking, it is based on percentage of HP lost and other variants.


Ah ok, that is news to me. Thanks for the heads up. Are you able to provide a bit more info regarding those calcs?

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What is other variants?

I cannot disclosure. Sorry.

I made the same mistake with Abe. Crafted a huge AP on defence weapon and it’s useless. At least I can swap mine out I guess…

At least taunt still has its uses on defense by spreading out the attacks of the offense team. Has anyone built a def team with 3 or more taunt toons? I’m interested to know how this team works and if it’s effective (e.g. yellow negan max as + wyatt max as + shiva/ abe/ maggie).