Winter Richard gives one enemy focus!?!

Khalishim, can you explain why Winter Richard gives one enemy focus? Or did a designer have a lack of focus? :thinking:


Beat you to it :stuck_out_tongue:

Your post is boring. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

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400 Burn Damage!


Knowing that it pretty much is a visual bug or just a mistype - I actually like the idea that op toons could have an effect damaging their team or boosting the def team (I know Richard aint op - just saying in general)

Kinda like ap building up when u cause damage just on wider scale of skills.

Its interesting imo

Thanks. Will get this to design so they can correct the text.

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There’s a QA Specialist at $copely?

Just kidding, don’t ban me…

To be fair combatman, combatdevil and kaliSHAWN are actually really good on here I don’t defend scopely for most of there things but these three guys are actually worth defending.

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