Winter Mitten Event Video! What You Need To Do To Complete It!

Winter is coming… rather… Winter is here! Time to put 10,000 mittens on because I guess it’s going to get REALLLYYYYY cold within the next few weeks. In case you don’t need 10,000 mittens in 1 of 3 colors then you can trade them to someone in the museum who will human traffic an ascendable survivor to your roster. Weird shit man…


Nice vid as usual. That being said I disagree with your assessment. This event is far from “God tier” as I don’t think any of them are worth the grind to be honest. None will help out any veteran player and none help much if at all in dealing with the current time out meta.

Enough with the repeat leader skills. We need decaps and disarms. 45 of the required 120 for a pull? Talk about cheap. Sorry but I think this is a terrible holiday event.


Well said

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I have to totally agree here…