Winter Event FA Sweater count?

Completing T6 gets 12k ugly sweaters, how much for lower levels?

also event ends this sunday, Jan 6, ~4pm PST (cali time)

Open game, go to faction assault, click the tier you want and select the rewards tab. All your questions will be answered.


It’s not more efficient to do a lower tier, if that’s your angle.

Just keep doing T6 and then whatever tier you can before the mystery deadline

much appreciated… it’s about squeezing every drop @Kanaima
10k T5
7.5k T4

… nothing mentioned about why im wasting my life on mobile apps.

So far from this event, i have got 1 winter collection 3, all 4 winter collection 4 and all 3 winter collection 5 and have pulled 4 times so far and will do a 5th pull after war. I got 6* winter zeke, 5* winter zeke, 5* mackenzie and 5* dante, got the gear to t4 a zeke, mackenzie, dante, naya, and tara from this event all for free, so far so good :grin:

Better than wasting your life on other follies like hard drugs, loose women, fast cars or world peace

Same here, this game is more of a time suck every day.