Winter Assault Ticket Update - Fri, Dec 21


Hello Survivors,

In order to give players even greater access to Faction Assault during the Winter Assault Event, we will be increasing the amount of free Faction Assault tickets that players receives each day.

Starting Friday, Dec 21 at 4pm PDT, the daily Faction Assault ticket gift will be increased from 500 to 1,500.

It’s important to note, the daily ticket gift does not apply to a players total daily allowance of 1,350 tickets that they can earn through gameplay. This means that factions should now be able to play Faction Assault even more throughout the Winter Assault Event.

Good luck and happy holidays!



Definitely an improvement, but I would just get rid of the 1350 cap altogether


Very nice thanks @JB.Scopely


Very good improvement!


I don’t want to sound greedy, but, just a question, will there be 1,000 tickets given for each day when the offer was only 500?


spot on! let activity dictate shit for once, scopely


Whilst it’s not quite what we asked for, the extra tickets are very much appreciated. Thanks


That would be worse than Scopely’s change. How many people on average in a top 10 faction would farm 1500 tickets every day for 20 days? Probably only 10.


blue CarL to the museum please @JB.Scopely


It is certain


30/30 here.
It’s 3x tickets too


The event isn’t even on in my region?


Fricking awesome!

Thank you!


This could be the start of a chain of awesome choices Scopely , Keep up the good work :slight_smile:


This will allow a t6 about every 3 days with everyone maxing tickets, I’m sure some will buy them too bUT either way much better then before.


Where did they go? Like gone for a day


Are we still supposed to be getting the daily offer?


We should be but they’re already an hour & 30 min late… In the announcement post It says that we will get them each day…


Still waiting on fa tickets, but got a snowball 40 min late