Winter Assault Rewards, What will you Choose?

Winter Assault Event has been announced and there are 2 main sets of rewards: Winter Tokens and 6* top tier gear

What will you choose?

  • Winter Tokens
  • 6* Character Gear

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There is a massive bottleneck on 6* Gear right now as there has not been a museum gear event for quite a while and the League store is heavily overpriced - but passing on an Ascendable will be hard!

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Fixed it for ya


haha that is definitely a possibility, shame there are the 5* wheel ascendables on there that’s for sure.

The only dupes in there I have are Yvette and Aris, so it could only be a win-win for me. Probably go wheel, but I’ll see what the conversions are first

Don’t need gear since no one useful to ascend unless u spend.


I cant pull any dupe bcs i dont have anyone from whell lol(but i dont want f2p character either…)
If i pull any p2p character im happy.

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we’ll probably all get winter zeke or winter michonne :+1:

Lol. In no world is Harlan a win.

Will most likely go for gear. What’s the use of pulling a character if I don’t have the gear to upgrade them?

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Sorry I’m not in the mood for a dupe Harlan. I’ll focus on getting gear.

I can only speak for myself… I definitely need the gear badly…but at the same time, most of my 6*s aren’t even worthy of upgrading anyway so what’s the point.

No-one I upgrade will make or break my team.

Time to retire from the game.



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Personally, I’m fine with having my 6*s at T3 because I can just compensate for the lost stats with combat mods and weapons. I’ll gladly take the winter tokens if it means having an Aris oWo


Always toons, I eventually get the gear

Come back and ask me when we find how much of anything we will get like if it’s 5 snowflake tolkens or a GPS it’s gear or if it’s 50 tolkens or a watch/radio tolkens we won’t know til then and all the rage rants on forums come Tuesday.

I just got back into the game so winter tokens, I need some new toons.

Missing collection options

These are the only ones in my museum

i’ll prob go with the tokens of disapointment again…

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Tokens for sure, gear is RNG so who even knows if I get what I need. May get a useless dupe but could also get a game changer like Bluechonne so much higher upside with tokens