Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


+1,000 #baneapproved


Not removing the daily ticket cap effectively kills this event. I’m not sure who thinks of this stuff at scopely, but the glaring issues with each and every new feature indicates they suck at their job. Get some quality assurance up in here.


It’s pretty obvious why they didn’t lift the cap… so they can sell these packages. Even if they sell one package for $10 it’s better for them in their view.


Considering most of the player base will have less then a pull from war, plus the museum event with mittens, I imagine they are doing this to allow players to receive 2 pulls


Basically what I found out was that if you leave and than rejoin your faction your daily ticket count resets… Darn it i was wrong I overlooked the intern counter binded to your account


But does it take away from their overall tickets?


I sadly was wrong your daily count within the faction gets reseted but there is another counter which is on you personally that sadly does not get reset so sadly I was wrong


What a great event… Get to your daily Max quicker… This must be a joke


if ur level 400 in sr u can pretty get there in 10 levels lolz


There is no x3 multiplier for SR


I would honestly rather remove the cap and they can keep the 3x Tix ha. Way to create an event that is not really an event…


damn them


Shot themselves in the foot really. Probably would’ve generated more money from people having the freedom to earn as many as they wanted rather than selling a few poor offers. They should learn a penny today can be a pound tomorrow


Missing collectibles in museum


Baring a miracle, like Scopely removing the cap or reducing the amount of sweaters for winter tokens draatically, I’ve resigned to the fact that it’s the GPS / canteen bags that me and my faction am going for. It’s Christmas, surely I can’t expect all my mates to be active in all the time.

If it’s in the game its in the game. Sigh, time to move on…


Just remove the fkn daily cap and let your whole player base be happy for once.

Remove that cap and i bet ppl will overlook the fact ur only giving out shitty rng gear anyway.

Its christmas. Give us a break. Happy customers spend more. Its not rocket science.


nah reduce the cap to 300, sell more bags for tickets
win win


Survival Road doesn’t give 3x increased tickets. @JB.Scopely


Thanks for the heads up (@blackmeow too!)

I will pass this on to be checked.


Hi @JB.Scopely, can you please address the other concerns in this thread around the ticket cap. It creates more frustration when we feel it is falling on deaf ears and not being taken on board or considered giving the valid points being raised here. This forum is to communicate with the player base and address feedback etc. Not just to answer the easy questions whilst ignoring the concerns and further frustrating a loyal player base