Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


It’s in the offers


smh… how sad


@JB.Scopely it’s not too late to remove the cap. If we can only pull 3 of the 40,000 sweaters, let us farm to our hearts content.


If you were to lower the winter tokens to 120 (one pull since the original 150 leaves 30 left over) and drop the sweater cost to match so it was easier…

How do people feel about this?
Option 2 should really be 120 (actual cost of 1 pull)

  • No. Keep it how it is.
  • Yes. Lower the cost of sweaters so it is more doable but also lower it to 125 tokens (1 pull) as a compromise.

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What a great way to start winter gear collection

Lmao, this is the worst event ever. Left the max tickets so can only run one t6 every 5 days (can already do it in 7-8 depending on everyone maxing). And then you can only get TWO boxes (per t6 run) from the museum and PRAY RNG doesn’t fuck you in the ass. Hahahahahahahaha


This is going with the assumption that increasing the cap isn’t an option. Which WOULD be the best option. While I do accept they might have not thought that over, I figure they did and don’t want people having too many tickets past this event. Or completeing too many collections. (which I sort of, kind of understand, don’t particularly like, but understand)

I saw this as the more feasible, yet still highly unlikely because would they actually listen, option. I’m aware a “compromise” would not be ideal and they should just make an event that doesn’t screw over a particular or multiple demographics.


I’d be fine with getting 25 less tokens if they’re willing to listen.


They thought it over, JB asked them and they said no


It’s 120 for a pull now that I looked again.

I’m not redoing the poll. I need sleep. Doesn’t change my answer personally which was yes. But obviously I would say yes. I didn’t propose the idea to reject it. lol


Either way, would give people enough for a pull and would probably make a profit on the people buying the rest of the tokens they need.



It’s obvious ain’t it. The winter tokens are for the people who are willing to pay. If you ain’t, gear for you.


My “get fucked in the ass” alarm went off. I’m here now.


Actually you’ll be able to get 1850 tickets per day because the 500 free tickets don’t add to your daily limit. So you’ll be able to get 55 500 tickets daily. Since I don’t really understand the time zone difference you’ll get a total of 999 000 or
1 054 000 So you can get 4 runs on tier 6 which would give you 48 000


This is an activity event grinning if scopley was smart they would lower the cost of each tier during this and rise the ticket limit of each player giving lower factions a chance also make them selfs look good on Google and apple for active players. Faction jumping is just going to be rampant the bullshit meter will be high on gc next few weeks ohh the rants on this will be fun to read.


That is if you have all factionmates getting the cap each day.


Of course. If you don’t have an active faction you won’t get the tokens btw my faction has 4 to 6 spots open if you’re interested.


This event is during one the busiest times of the year (and the next). It’s not ideal to go expecting a full faction or near full (25 -29 at best chance for getting 1.1 mil) hit the cap every day for the coming weeks, if you have any shrivel of a warm soul.


I sure will as soon as it happens. Still waiting. :smirk:


@JB.Scopely you don’t wanna piss this mans crew off jb you’ll be out of a job man