Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


I’m sure it will end up just like most events otherwise they would of posted more about it


I give credit to IUGO for design and animation. I give credit to Scopely for rushing builds without beta testing, shady marketing and business practices, a lack of regard for their players, cherry picking what they fix and how quickly, and for following thru on all of Dash and Albert’s promises

“Legendary Recruits will not be available for direct purchase in Recruits and Rewards. They can only be obtained by ascending your maxed out Epic Recruits.”

  • Dash, just before Scopely added legendary recruits to the premier wheels


In my most recent experience, FoxNext are the developers for Marvel Strike Force and the issues there are just as bad, if not worse. In my very limited sample size, I believe the problems in RTS are just indicative of the industry as a whole…ie) microtransactions and monetizing everything.


Looks like four completions for a pull


No cap increase is what’s gonna make this event suck.


12k a run, no cap increase…i said i would reserve criticism for when the event went live…yep, this events fvcked.


Can someone with more patience than me do the math? Pretty please. Is there a more economical option than doing t6 4 times or equal option?

Basically what I’m asking is, if we were shooting for the 40k, could we do t5 (or t4) so we didn’t have to wait the extra time to get enough tickets for t6, but still end up hitting 40k by doing more runs?


With tier 5 you get 15k less FA points per try opposed to tier 6. Tier 6 as someone said you will get 3 tries if all fac members were to max their cap. So with that info, anyone wanna take a crack at the equation?


For my faction, I think t5 will be more economical to get a pull.


unless you have an assload of tickets stored, you arent getting pulls without spending. i just dont see it


Hit my daily ticket cap already… 30 mins into the event… congrats scopely… well thought out as we all expected


Not removing the cap is just a joke.

Here is a great event, something new but oh we aren’t going to let you use it to its potential.



it depends on how active your faction is and if all players can max out daily. the more active factions are going to be able to do the max t6, which is going to be able to maximize amount. the difference in each run t4, t5, t6 is 15k tickets. each player on your squad can get 1350 daily tickets+500 free log in tickets, so 1850 daily tickets. if your whole faction can only muster 20,000 of the 55,500 total possible daily tickets, then @ 250k a pop, your’e only going to be able to do a 6 every 12 days, and seeing as this is a 20 day event, means only 1 t6, 1 t1 and 1 t2, (average of 20k a day x 20 days in event = 400k tickets.), or 12000+2500+1000 sweaters or 15.5k sweaters. you could adversely run 2xt3, and a t1, but that would only be 5000x2+1000, or 11k sweaters. at the end of the day it seems like its going to be running as many 6s as you can and then running what ever you can with the leftovers. the minimal difference in the tiers from 4 up, and the steep drop off in sweaters from higher to lower tiers, makes it not worth it (imo) to go for anything other than as many t6 as you can and just make sure to run what you can with the rest before event ends.


Sadly… Nonsense event… Again an event for scop… You wanna play negan more as one time in 6 days? Please cash cash cash :money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings::money_with_wings:


Starter pack available to buy… £10 for 12,500 tickets :joy::joy::joy: who’s going to buy that?! It’s litrelly the worst deal ever haha! Considering it takes 260k tickets to do a tier 6 :joy::joy:
Even if their agenda is to push people to spend… who’s going to buy that?? Again, more evidence that these things are not thought through in the slightest :joy::joy:


thats the dumb thing, even with $$$, you cant. unless they offer faction tickets that can be purchased for the cap it makes it a net sum 0, if anything a loss. if they were smart, they would have removed the cap. everyone is stacked differently, and although i have 70+ world cans, im sure there are others with way more, and i know ppl w 0. if they removed the cap, they would incentify spending world cans, allowing people to farm all day long, needing more world cans. thus having to buy… world can offers! but this way they cant even do that.


didnt even get my free 500 yet. my promos must be lagging behind. this is sad. they are so out of touch with their own game/user base.


Oh money… Do you have lots of it?


@JB.Scopely… any of this getting through to you mate? Seriously, haven’t they thought about this for a second :joy: