Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


Will we still have chances at flarefuns also?


flarefuns for fall, lol


@JB.Scopely not that I’ve ever gotten a response back…but again I ask will we still receiving the regular faction assault bags in addition to the rng gear. Which is probably the worst thing that could of been done. As is we can buy 1 set of gear needed per week. It takes more then that for a toon to be use able. We have an rng gear map, rng depots, rng bags for rewards. Not sure why we could not just for once have the ability to choose what we need. Being starved for so long to then get excited to possible be able to get gear is taken away in seconds from rng. .anyways I need those flare guns that are rng to get…so will we obtain regular rewards as well.


If that’s what they think about the p2p players , imagine what they think about the f2p players…yeesh


Given that @JB.Scopely had to ask whether or not the daily max would be raised, it seems they didn’t actually think this event thru. This is why someone from Scopely should ACTUALLY play the game and not just claim to. Seriously, how does this event get planned and organized without anyone realizing the cap needs to be raised or removed for the event to be worthwhile? Anyone who plays the game would’ve realized tripling the ticket generation is POINTLESS if the cap doesn’t increase at (at least) the same rate. I know yall have new games to focus on, but please don’t just abandon RTS. There wouldn’t be a Star Trek game without us degenerates who continue to support you, despite the countless reasons why we should’ve dropped this game a long, long time ago.

Do better


Nice, can wait.


Maybe the staff again? But I’m sure they’ll be “ramping up” next year :v:t3::joy:


It’s kind of funny how people like to complain about Scopely and the choices they make regarding the game but…STILL PLAY!
Commend them for the things they HAVE done right and ‘Keep on Surviving’ :joy:


It’s a maturity thing imo.


We keep playing because the game is fun. It’s the company that’s bad.


The company is bad but made the game fun?


Plus many have spent thousands on this game that I doubt they want to go to waste.


The game itself is fun, the company’s choices are what is making it stale. If the game was run by another company, it would be a lot more fun depending on how they handle it.


like what?


does scopely think anything through, u give them too much credit


4500 sweaters for a canteen. 40,000 for a wheel pull? Wow Scopely how damn generous. Tuer I s no one gaining s pull from this event withou constant faction jumping


How do you know how long it will take to reach 40,000?


There’s no way they are giving out 150 winter tokens for free. They will be for P2P players.


They want 6* gear to be hard to access so with a Winter token costing the equivalent of 9-10 pieces of the most highly sought after 6* gear you just know it’ll be far too hard to get the tokens.
Watch the max you get per Assault be like 2000.


Lol still no more info with an hour to go wow