Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


If you all arnt hopping into other factions to farm FA youre doing it wrong


We need a sneak peek at what this event is gonna be like


When’s vk gonna post :thinking:


Any word yet? Trying to do math if we’re capped at the 1850 if it’s gonna be more beneficial to run multiple 6s, or run more power levels. At all 30 players logging in every day, that’s 15,500 pts. Then 1850x30 is 55,500. 55,500+15,500=71,000 daily. T6 is 260k. 260,000/71,000 means, without any overages from initial tickets saved, every 4th day being able to run a t6. W the event running from Dec 18-jan 6 that s 20 days or 5 total t6 barring full faction participation in addition to the first ppl have saved. Can we get what the rewards will be for each tier by chance to be better prepared for this event? Or in regular fashion will it be a scramble and adapt?

Or just make the amount of daily tickets unlimited so we can not have to worry and buy world fans out the wazoo…


Where do you get te extra 15,500? The cap is the same at 1,350 per faction member, which is 40,500, plus the bonus 500 per member which is 15000. So max a day is just 55,500, right? The 1850 cap accounts for regular cap of 1350 we are used, plus the bonus 500.


He said 55 k


no, they said max daily is 71k, which is not true by my math.


Thought he was saying 1850 was gonna be the cap after the 500. So that would mean it would still be about every 5/6 days


Awe I see ya he added an additional 15500


Unless a faction has saved up tickets, i think we all get to run it 5 times total if you are starting from 0. those that saved will get more of course.




For fück’s sake Scopley. Didn’t we have the conversation about not giving us boxes with a random chance at the gear we actually want? I’m pretty sure we moaned, you listened and sorted your shít out.

So what changed?


dont worry they will sell tickets for 100 bucks for 100 tickets

everyone has too high expectations of scopely
just expect them to screw us around and screw up, and when they dont be surprised



Merry Christmas!! Enjoy our rng where we give you the one item you want the least 99% of the time.


The idea of this event was keeping some of us going, but in true Scopely fashion the rug was quickly pulled out from underneath us. Thats just a shame. Thanks for answering the questions as quickly as possible @JB.Scopely. I know that I bust your chops alot (deservedly), but you do try your best and I do appreciate it as do several others here. You’re probably the best CM this community has had, but the CM isn’t really the problem… its whomever thinks up these events and comes up with little ways to stick it to the playerbase. Have you noticed that the players, for the most part, believe that Scopely hates them or just thinks of them as a dollar sign? That isn’t great customer relations. I’ve watched a lot of friends simply jump off of this rollercoaster in the last 6 months and I feel like it may be time to join them and maybe see what other rides this carnival has to offer. I’ll be sure to avoid any where the operator is wearing a $copely T-Shirt. :wink:


Has anyone thought of the idea that if you can’t rwach the sweaters for the holiday tokens that this event is totally useless and will be skipped by most? The price for the RANDOM gear seems way more expensive that it would be to just run regular FÃ and get the tickets.


It’s an event… we get something… and something to do… Thank you @JB.Scopely


im gonna reserve full judgement til event drops and i have an idea of whats possible, i wont lie tho, the ticket cap is restrictive. what made the entire community love the 1st telltale event was the fact that a players effort, regardless of faction rank got them pulls, this event should have no cap on tickets and museum claims. LET YOUR PLAYERS ACTIVITY DICTATE STUFF FOR ONCE! it really isnt a hard concept


How many sweaters do we get per run