Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


nah they will sell bags with tickets! at 100 bucks for 1l tickets, that goes to ur daily limit


u mean 100 bucks for 500
u are dreaming at 1 dollar


@JB.Scopely you have to be kidding me dude?! How can there be a cap on tickets when there is no cool down timer… they are contradictory to each other surely? What’s the point in getting rid of the cool down timers when it’s impossible to accumulate enough tickets to run another FA in that timeframe anyway??
Doesn’t make sense at all! The simple solution is what I said in my previous post about special tickets being released for FA during this event with no cap. That way it’s down to each faction how hard they want to grind for tickets. A simple work rate = reward system!
This event has great potential but instead it’s not thought through properly and therefor limited. Ultimately contributing to yet more negative feedback from the player base.


Lmao can’t even lift the daily limit for the ■■■■■■■ one event where it would make sense to do so :joy: Merry Christmas dumbasses.


Doing the math, assuming a faction starts with 0 tickets at start event and assuming everyone in the faction hits the daily limit, it would take almost 5 days to do a T6 FA. Since this event is 19 days, you can do 4 FA’s in the event.

Hopefully no one has Christmas plans!


■■■■■■■ up potentianlly fun/useful events is scopely textbook :joy:


Maybe the rewards are gonna be so great we will only need to do it 4 times lol idk man seems like these devs are as smart as rocks lol


Oh yay, all i wanted for christmas was to just be continually let down with these lame ass events :christmas_tree::christmas_tree::tada::gift:


This. @JB.Scopely

I guess no cooldown timer would benefit only those with tickets saved up?


Yeah it would but that’s not likely to be many factions surely as there’s never been a reason to not use FA tickets when you have them? Either way that’s definitely not a ‘bonus’ to those factions from scopely… probably just an oversight that some will get lucky on lol


I wouldn’t be surprised if they didn’t think it thru and can’t raise the daily limit without creating a ton of new problems. Or they just don’t care that the event is pretty much pointless. Both equally plausible imo


They don’t care imo they will prob sell tickets like everyone said to try to turn it into another cash grab instead of an actual event we can all enjoy


The 500 free daily tickets is per account or per region?


guess, this is scopely


Some factions were saving for t7


Well lucky them


Maybe we just need to run T1 FA as much as we can and just bank tickets?


I guess we will see what the rewards are when vk posts them lol


I do have 1 more question of importance are the regular bags going to be included? Bad enough it’s taking over a year to get a character who will likely outdated when use able but taking away the regular prizes just draws it out more. Please let us know


Just wait until the end ! You know scopley