Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


So as a new transfer we r screwed??? Talk about being bullied and u get punished for taking an action :confounded::confounded::confounded:


How is new transfers getting screwed lol


Transfer, new faction bronze league .low tickets…and so on …take ur pick


Transferring has nothing to do with faction assault tickets


Let me say it other way
.3 days transfer. Like just before the AOW


Any word on our questions @JB.Scopely or you gonna just ignore us lol



I’ve logged 2 questions that I’m pending confirmation on:

  • Will the faction lock be applied during the event?
  • Will the daily FA Ticket limit be lifted and or increased during the event?

I planned to make an appearance only upon hearing back from the team, but I hate to read that I’d ignore you @Paytoplay :wink:

Is there anything that requires clarifications about the event that I would have missed from the thread? :thinking:


Ty for responding . The only question that I really care about is will the ticket limit be increased .
If they don’t increase the limit the event will be a bust and pointless . Please pull for the people @JB.Scopely and have the devs do what’s right for once .


@JB.Scopely ps the limit should be unlimited during the duration of the event !


I only started playing the game 4 months ago and just recently started to rapidly grow, i enjoyed the competition


Hi Again!

So here goes:

  1. While the daily limit will not be increased during the event, the 500 free daily tickets will not be added to the daily allowance, but to the purchase/won tickets - which effectively will allow to bypass the usual ticket limit, up to 1850 total per day.

  2. The usual Faction Lock will apply, as per any standard FA occurrence. After Negan is defeated and the Assault is over, the lock will be lifted. Note that you may want to wait for rewards to land on your Inbox before doing so :wink:
    Rewards processing is usually fast for FA, from instant delivery form some Regions up to an average of 10 minutes or so.

What do you think the ticket limit should be for winter event

So basically we will get to do possibly 2 faction assaults through the entire event ? Lame bro what a waste of what could of been a great event . @JB.Scopely


So the real question is why turn off the cool down timer if we are only gonna get 2 or 3 assaults ? We don’t need the timer off lol it’s gonna take 5 days to get enough tokens to do the assault


Come on now…

How can anyone seriously be surprised and angry by Scopes limiting the FA to 1 or 2 for a faction during this event. We all know farming is a thing of the past, you cant farm roadmap levels, there is NO WAY Scopely would let an event where there is free material be farmed.

Plus, Scopes isn’t generous. WHoever is in charge of the RTS program is a miser.


why we need 3x more generation of tickets when cap is still same. i do 1350 daily anyway. disappointment.


Your factions haven’t been saving FA tickets? Shame…:smirk:


tomorro in the shop , 500 FA tickets for $1


Maybe you max out every day, but I doubt all members of your faction do.


Some factions have over 1mi tickets


See that’s dumb why would they be saving