Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


People complain a lot :frowning:


There is a fair bit of history that suggests all the whining has a level of justification…


this event doesnt however. you can choose gear,which literally every mofo in the forum(me included) has cried for ,not to mention someone getting more chances at the all to valuable disarm. i dont see the problem. not like its an event for vincent and some bloody shirts.


You get to do one or two faction assaults how are they going to label that an event



A gear event!



i want earings


I would like to enjoy this event too , if only my acc wasn’t accidentally b-a-n-n-e-d


All these gifts are great. 500 free and 3x generation
But without increasing the 1350 cap. It’s kinda meaningless as i hit 1350 everyday already


@JB.Scopely is the daily cap gonna be increased?


cool but when will the governor version come out ?


@Naruto, That would be pretty fricking cool to have a Gov version faction assault.

But to the OP, as someone who already hits the daily amount everyday and collects way more than anyone else in my faction. The only issue I see with this even is the daily cap. The cap needs to either be removed completely or at least double maybe triple it.
Bc gifting 500 tickets and increasing it 3x is only going to compound the issue if we can only collect the normal amount.
Side not so glad I came on the forum bc my faction had planned on running FA tomorrow lol.


They said they were working on the govno version like Last year. even look at the museum the knee pads from the June events talk about using them for epic bruce and are found in the T4 governor bag and the purple Blue carl to the museum coats are/were for 6* Lilly


All depends on how we get the free tickets if its an offer, get your max daily tickets than claim the extra 500


If they don’t raise the daily max limit, or lower the amount needed to launch, we can earn 810k tickets total and run three tier six assaults if all thirty members hit 1350 per day (aside from any tickets earned prior).

If we can only run three assaults during a twenty day event that’s supposed to be centered around assaults, that’s laughable.



Make the cap unlimited or this whole event is worthless



or x3 the cap.


Advance notice of an event, explanation of said event and a caution to players to make sure they can get the most out of the event? I see nothing wrong here. Whether or not the event itself is a success, remains to be seen, but far and away this is the type of information sharing we need.

Good work @JB.Scopely. please please please keep it up.


Yes. We are in the same boat. We did tier 6 yesterday so now we will miss out on two days of tier 6. This notice came out too late


@JB.Scopely will factions be locked during this event? In case or regular FA they are i.e. no one can leave or join. Hope its not the case here.


Hi @JB.Scopely, can you please clear up the issue regarding the FA ticket daily limit?
Will the cost to run a FA be reduced during this period?
I would see the second option making more sense than removing the daily ticket limit as you probably don’t want factions accumulating infinte amounts of tickets for future use beyond the event itself. The problem is, if the cost for running an FA is not reduced, then it renders the idea of taking away the cooldown timers for this event pretty useless as we will not be able to capitalise on this feature.
That would ultimately also lead to the event being negatively received as supposed to being a positive thing, which it has the ability to be.

I guess the only other way is to run a second string of tickets, different to the usual ones, specific to this event. That way it is an even playing field with everyone starting on zero and the limits can be uncapped with excess event tickets being unusable once the event ends.

Can you clarify this please?
Many thanks!