Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


I hope you’re right but seriously, it wouldnt have cost JB a lot to state on this.
Smmfh … Why is this company so sheety about communication ?!?


We won’t get an answer in time most likely, because weekend.


So still no clarification on whether assaults ending after the said time if they get sweaters? I imagine if they stared b4 they would. However not sure anyone is wasting an assault doing it. I think it’s more a matter of will sweaters still be available as some players need sweaters for another pull.


Nothing huh? @JB.Scopely


sweaters still dropping right now - we just finished assault 5 mins ago, presuming they will stop in 17 mins when the collection has 24 hours left


If you started before 7 pm eastern you will get sweaters if you started later you are s.o.l


The point is you can’t even buy them no more


Should have been a free event to begin with.


I’m not so sure about that. We started way before. About to finish up. When we click rewards, it doesn’t show sweaters. Should be interesting.


You’ll still get them.

Edit: this is a response to rickygrimes who said they started the FA before 7pm eastern time. Even though the rewards now don’t show sweaters, they’ll get them as long as they finish before the museum event closes.


Pero como? Asalto Negan? O comprando en tienda? No recibimos un aviso por medio del juego de la fecha en que este terminaría.


You were right. We got them :slight_smile:


Knowing scopely there will be sales to get money…