Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


I imagine the 3x amount is for mid and lower factions who will likely only get to do 1 t6 or maybe 2 t5. The ones for sale are for the whales and the regular players get…nothing :joy:


Lol your still only getting 1350 a day plus 500…most factions that are competitive max those tickets daily, it’s only going to allow maybe 1x extra without cool down times if you don’t spend and people max




Lol awesome.


Question: what if some of the faction members didn’t get the chance to participate a round of FA, will they still get the rewards or get left out? You know, some strong members get way ahead of others and end up finishing it before everyone else touches Negan babe……


everyone needs to hit afaik.


Gotcha thanks


I don’t understand all that whinings… we already made 2 the 3rd starting this evening and the 4th Tomorrow… yes we collected already 2 before the Start but with the free tickets which doesnt count on the normal limit and the offers its easy to make about 5-10 in the Time the Event runs. 17 days 30 People lets say around 2k tickets per day per Person without paying and a Bit activity. Then you can do 4 without collecting anything before the Event. 4x 12.000 Pullover - 1 Time pulling 150 Winter token FOR FREE! Why its needed to complain about EVERYTHING scopely does… just be happy they do something and they are just humans and can never make EVERYONE Happy. In 2 days its Christmas. Calm down and be lovely to all People. Thanks.


Than the leader has to over think the Method.


If someone could help me figure out an answer to this question I would really appreciate it. If somebody is transferring into your region from another region can they do so while the winter event is going on and will they be included in the Winton event with the faction they are joining? There’s somebody who would very much like to join now but I don’t want them to lose their opportunity at the winter event.


Idk how it is with already collected pullovers but joining u doing fa with u gives him pullovers for sure


They can transfer when these regular faction events (raid/levelup/SR) are over. The winter faction assault event will not lock region transfer. Regardless of any ability to transfer, they cannot join your faction while you are actively running a faction assault. Any sweaters they have already earned will transfer over intact. Let me know if I missed any “what ifs” and I’ll do my best to answer.


Are we gonna have another WAR before winter event ends ? Would be nice to put in some blitz wars again :smiley: @JB.Scopely


When ends the event?


Cuando acaba el evento?
Hasta cuando nos darán los tickets gratis?
Hasta que día se podrá abrir asalto de faccion?


read the post


I’d like to know what time. We could make another tier 6 FA by Sunday. But the question is, will we still receive sweaters by Sunday evening? Or maybe even Monday morning, when we started FA in time.


I would guess 4 pm PST on Sunday since the collections last an extra day or so.


Yeah, it would be nice to have details as we are just about to enter CRW … Please @JB.Scopely


Still no answer regarding the time?


See my comment above. Most likely when it will be ending.