Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


So happy the maximum stayed intact… That 3x Tix sure helps no one… Another brilliantly thought out event @JB.Scopely. God forbid scopely allow players to farm fac assault tickets to pull another Harlan… O but you want to use cash? O that maximum doesn’t apply anymore… Brilliant


thank you :blush:


can someone who has time look at all of jb post and create a topic which tracks all the “I will take this back to the team” post and post answers


Feel free to do it yourself if it bothers you that much…


Does anyone know if we get the sweater rewards whether or not we kill Negan? My faction can beat T5, but I’m wondering if we should just spend the extra 15k tickets, try for Negan, and get the sweaters whether or not we beat him (if we do get them regardless.)


No rewards if you don’t win.


So does this event end when the museum collection ends as well, meaning we will need to have defeated Negan and used our sweaters before it’s over? Or does the free cool down period end a few days before that? @JB.Scopely


You guys should look into lowering the price for the assaults. At this rate it would take each faction 4.68 days to accumulate enough tickets for a T6 assault, unless each player buys one of the crates. For a Christmas event it sure seems like you guys are trying to squeeze as much cash out of your players as possible.
The time frame that it will take to get enough tickets would be the same as a regular assault with the cool down enabled. So please explain how this is an event? We have endured low level prizes, low odds on pulling for characters and game glitches for as long as I can remember. Maybe, just maybe it is time to show players that you guys are listening.


If it seems like that’s in fact what they are trying to do because … that’s exactly what they are trying to do broooooo lol


We get 3X tickets plus a ticket bonus, so you should be able to run FA’s faster. You would be an exception if your entire faction was able to hit the max daily limit before this 3X boost.


The boost does not help if the max tickets you can get is 1850. That totals 55,500 max faction tickets daily. The 3x boost only helps you get to your max faster.


Ohhh no u get unlimited caps if u pay $25 mthly…


Which sucks, u also get to open premiere recruits daily if u paying, I’ve spent money on the game but this ridiculous


R we not seeing that bc, u only get that if u pay the $25 mthly???.


Lol where does it say you get unlimited ticket caps if you pay. Monthly what a load a bs


People make jokes about it and how it would benefit people with everything if you paid.


I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that with only 20 days to earn almost 1million tickets and complete 4 assaults I won’t be getting a Winter token pull. Literally the WORST wheel ever, and Victory too. You don’t only give the TOP faction in a region a pull from a wheel (realistically) for free. It’s disgusting and if they EVER do a wheel like this again I see their overall revenue ranking as people ditch the game.


More tokens should be given as a whole . I was an f2p player(before b-a-n) and i had the same frustration of getting close to a pull but not getting it in the end multiple times . Scopely should take this into consideration and help ALL the players as a whole and make our effort in-game worth the while.


People with the subscription still have a daily cap on assault tix earnings


Seeing what? I don’t pay $25 dollars monthly :joy:
They give us 500 tickets in your offer tab, says free. You also earn your normal 1350, and of course they are selling them too, which is why they did not raise our daily cap. They know people will just pay for extra tickets, especially this time of year since everyone is busy.