Winter Assault Event - Begins Tues Dec 18


Thanks @JB.Scopely

Already finished 2 level 400s without the x3 multiplier. But it won’t matter if the cap ain’t lifted! Lol


If they fix the survival road issue it should be really easy to hit the max everyday. Even on Christmas.


Even if they just double the cap I think we will be happy.


or even with a cap, just make 1 assault worth 40k sweaters, then all factions, regardless of strength and tickets saved wins. what parker said was spot on, more people happy=more people spend, its not rocket science(bossbitch ty). but apparently it is for scopes. just sad cause alot of the ideas are good on paper but lack execution. if any other company ran this game you wouldnt find a dead region anywhere, im confident in that


This is what happens when you cheaply hire people from all areas of the world who can’t properly communicate to each other. Nothing planned out and piss poor execution.

Sc andrea comics?

nothing is going to change. nothing ever changes…


Well, here’s a way to get more tickets.


Everyone in your faction would need to buy like 3 of those for a t6 run lol.


Yes! Nice comment! Truth! :grin: :+1:


Yes, that’s what they expect to happen and while we all have a laugh at the thought of purchasing tickets how much do you want to make a bet they pull in over a million dollars in ticket sales throughout the event. It’s why the cap is still on.


Exactally instead of a great Christmas event for all scopleys end of the year cash grab is just wrong


or… you can just stick your head in the sand, answer nothing and wait for this all to blow over!
May aswell grab yourself a pint down the Winchester mate lol @JB.Scopely


Uh that’s about what happens every time isn’t it


Would like to know what the maintenance is for @JB.Scopely


@JB.Scopely Why isn’t there a lower level of winter tokens? In other words why is it 150 or NOTHING!? Some of us have 50-60 winter tokens and it would be great if there were 100 and 50 winter token museum collections to choose from for the factions that aren’t hardcore top-10 to be able to at least get ONE pull from the winter tokens wheel. Why are we only eligible to get gear?


Scopely in general don’t give free rewards much ,which is understandable to make the game challenging . However during Christmas , rewards should be given in heaps or at least rewards that can be obtained with reasonable effort . Doesn’t Christmas time represent caring and generosity??


Christmas time for scopely means you pay them more then normal while they hand out Medicare rewards for tremendous amounts of time and effort apparently


Thing is, they wouldn’t be free anyway. You still have to use resources to raid, roadmap, SR, territories, etc. They just decided to tax the minimum and not the potential unlimited maximum


does anyone know how many sweaters a T4 gives? asking for a friend :slight_smile:


7.5k for a t4 run