Winning war while retreating


… leads to a loss. Who would have thought?

We just played a match, the enemy had one Gov still standing, we couldn’t take him out. So instead of waiting 40 minutes trying to take out the whale we retreated. As soon as we did, the guy changed his DEF to something really low. We took him down in a matter of 3-4 minutes. He was down before the retreating was finished (still 5-6 minutes left. So technically we haven’t been retreated yet and won. All enemies down and we had 20k more points. However, we got credited a loss.

Is that intended behaviour @JB.Scopely?


Stupid but it sounds like he knew that would be the result. Besides wins and losses don’t mean anything it’s about who has the most points at the end.


Yes, retreating gives you an automatic loss even if you kill everyone or have more points than the other faction


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