Winning/losing bonus in war needs changed!

Thought head to head doesn’t matter…


It’s probably in the other matches you know ppl probably fought TTT more since they’re not as dominant nothing to do with their loses

Yup, DR probably fought TTT more than they did VV.

Not you or my leader, not even my pastor can make me coin vs VV, what am I a dummy?

Do we really need to answer this, Coral?

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I find it hard to believe TTT didn’t murder DR the same as VV.

I’m sorry but why should I care about the top top factions coin wars??? Or making war more suited to them?
I war my ass off am fight hard. Match line ups are often shocking. You win some you loose some an that’s way is. Why start ■■■■■■■ with it when less an less factions are actually waring?
War is about the only feature that hadnt been fucked up bar rewards… leave it alone


vv caused that issue them self tho, the 2 biggest whale factions in the game with all the biggest spenders merging, eliminating any competition. nobody wants to waste time with them


Never use an outlier to justify changing the entire structure of something. VV suffers from search issues, that doesn’t mean war needs to change after 3 years to accommodate a one off situation.

Walkers in our matchup up had no issue holding a 600k lead all weekend


Honestly, it looks like the top factions basically outted themselves considering they’re in their own bracket for team grades. What would you guess VV and TTT is? S15 and up? They’ve basically created their own bracket for match making. So, this truly only effects the top 1% of factions.


So now because it only effects them it doesn’t matter didn’t have that attitude when in FKR Brucey.

It would be good for the game in general if people fought each other.

Do you not like fighting your opponent? I understand the game plan behind get in get out…rewards aren’t good enough to do that imo. So why would people not want to fight each other.

Actually top 10-15 gets fun with chances of catching up all weekend w current system

FKR never had issues queuing like VV did this weekend…

We played all over the place from 9 to 15 this weekend

Sounds to me like war is broken then. Even tho VV was just an example.

I do like fighting. I don’t like HAVING to fight every battle. There’s a strategy behind moving on. Making war about brute Force and spending isn’t the solution.


Nah but offering a 10k winning bonus to 5k to the loser doesn’t do anything drastic or dramatic.

Wouldn’t have changed where anyone placed in probably in match up this weekend.

6k to 4k then the losing faction normally finds match first doesn’t seem like a great system.

(I’ve never had this complaint because I’ve never had to worry about where I was placing) :joy::joy:

How? EG, AP, and FKR never had queue issues like this. VV is the merge of the highest spenders in the game. They’re literally their own bracket in match making because of this. That’s why they spin because no factions are close to them in team grade other than TTT and maybe DR this passed CRW. It’s a queue issue for them, not a points issue. But, it’s an issue they created for themselves.

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So how does it get fixed? Because obviously TTT and VV are just to damn strong…lmao.

Miss 3 wars and Scopely will bring a losers bracket