Winning/losing bonus in war needs changed!

Okay so after carefully talking to a few people from the games top faction all the way to average factions and between. The fact that the scores for winning 6k vs losing 4k arent that significant of a difference opponents have fell into that “do not fight just roll over” phase, and it quite frankly makes the war (best part of the game) boring…

It just doesn’t make sense of why there’s no incentive to fight your opppnents, isnt that the point of war?

Coming from someone playing in some of the games best factions to some of the games average factions. It’s a pretty extreme problem at all levels.

Money is your goal right?
This roll over phase no one is gonna coin…so you’re dropping the ball on that part too.

A difference of 12k-7k could work.
10k-5k etc just 2k is so small of a margin it doesn’t matter.
You’re not ruining it yet…but if it doesn’t get fixed the games BEST FEATURE…will then be stale and no one wants that. A whole weekend of rolling over winning or losing isn’t exciting.



And what do you suggest?
Knock out win 20k extra
Win by points 10k extra

Earning too many bonus points might lead to some faction being sooooo much ahead that others would just stop even trying to catch up.

Small difference makes you fight/coin nonstop to stay on top. Logic.

There is another interesting problem. When you defeat you opponent but still loose on points. This needs to be addressed.


I dont think the rolling over has anything to do with the win loss bonus as much as it does a few factors. 1. People know who they can beat and who they cant so they wont waste time fighting a battle they cant win. 2. Most everyone realizes it’s not about your win loss record as it’s about speed and total volume of wars getting on to the next battle is a big reason people arent hanging around to battle for 45 minutes for an extra 10k or 15k in points when you fall farther behind in overall rankings to get it. 3. The gap between F2p and P2w factions is huge now and people are less likely to be interested in coining anymore against a faction they know will spend more than them.


People have fallen into the “just roll over phase” as you call it because the gap/canyon is so huge that it can’t be overcome. Why would anyone repair in a match they have no hope of winning?


If they made the ranking rewards every place that might help, this rank 17-49 and 49-169 getting the same is laughable and provides no incentive to fight


Y’all assuming I’m talking about factions who cannot win vs some. But I’m talking about those who can…that are doing it.


Also war opponents should be league based, let’s fight people on our level, now that would be fun, best wars are the close wars


So you are saying top 25 factions are laying down to other top 25?

Please define “rolling over”

Fully agree it’s ridiculous that if you finish 17th you get the same price as number 49 that’s a completely different effort. The more price brackets to more people will try to get 1 bracket higher.


some factions are sacrificing wins to finish higher up for better rewards “lose the battle, win the war” over all win/loss ratio isnt as important any more it seems to be all about activity

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I think it’s dumb, system works just fine


After 3 years of war scoring being this way, I don’t think it needs changing. Increasing the bonus seems to only encourage spending. War shouldn’t be about who can coin the most or throw around the most money.


What’s next dumb no rush bonus, to cater ppl w Raulitos?


There 2 type of battles or 3 depending on which faction you’re in and how you look at it.

  1. Opponent much stronger, grab points and move on. BORING

  2. Opponent much weaker, make your hits as fast as possible and flawless, move on. BORING

  3. Opponent is same strength, towers are important, communication, who repair who not, tactics. A LOT IF FUN.

Problem is number 3 only happens a few times in war


If you just wanna exclude ppl from war, then ppl just will stop signing up, then problem solved cause only the ones that would give a fight would play?

So tell me how this makes sense to anyone.

VV goes 30-4 vs TTT but had to wait to get them last match.

And only won by 80k.

Had they went 28-6 they probably lose…so someone explain to me how that makes any type of sense.

Btw I’m not in VV or TTT but I mean I just want some logic thrown on that.

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It doesn’t have to make sense, it’s a game, give 2 million to winner then


So let’s change all the war scoring because VVs score doesn’t make sense? Factions let’s say 4-15 are very evenly close. Sometimes letting a match go to win the war is more important. It’s battle vs war. I am in 100% agreement that the score shouldn’t have been that close given the H2H though. Not disagreeing there