Wine offer promo, whats in the 3rd box?

Anbody got the Wine offer? It costs $5.99 each wine bottle with some trainers. You get Mercer or Princess cards fom a choose crate, and a 3rd crate free (I think?) Please clarify if you got this. Between the 1st 2 offers you get 5 total 100 card boxes.

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I bought the first offer. The second one is 14.99, might buy it but I’d wanna know how much the third one is.

Isnt this where someone usually jumps in with “But you quit”?

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I tell you what is in the 3rd box, a disappointing feeling with yourself because you know it wasn’t worth it but you bought it anyway. If you’re lucky it won’t grow into self hatred or resentment.


You’re a strange duck.

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Addiction is a powerful drug. Hard to break. Kinda sad they got you spending money in them again when you were so upset with them earlier. I don’t know why this game slowly ropes people back into spending. You said you got sc and then this offer so your soending prob 100 bucks a month on stuff. Keep running aeris. Game is not worth your time or money

Didnt you quit?

My Fac Mate bought both offer. Second once Was 14,99 but the third once not shows up so he could redeem it…

We all thought u quit :sweat_smile:

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Ask yourself, do you really need those mercer or princess cards still?!?

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Yeah I don’t have Princess yet.

Also still missing the free offer…

Princess is easy af to get tho

I made the dumb mistake of going for multiple S Class at once and now I’m really close to like 4 different characters.

oh ok. yeah dude, you gotta focus on 1 or 2 only.
else you’re all spread out on all toons and thats no good.

I’m really close to Princess (Less than 600 cards), pretty far into Rick and Clem too… I have a few off characters for a couple of other S-Class too

Questionable - once you have finished one, all further cards you get for that one are meaningless (unless you want to go for a second one, and that’s a big investment). Focusing on one or two maximizes the speed at which you can get them, of course, but spreading them out has better value in the medium/long term.

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im just focusing on rick and payback shiva

Has anyone had offer 3 yet? Nothing here…

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