Wine bottles only for pulling the wheel?


45 pulls gives you a chance to obtain up to 2 toons, good deal imho.

Roadmap #1 - spend 5 bottles, get 10 at the end
Roadmap #2 - spend 50 bottles, get 100 at the end

so with 45 pulls, both roadmaps without dying you could get 2 of the toons in the museum.
Something like 9200 coins.


Yea 100% sure. A friend of mine did it strictly to get camilla.

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I wonder if it’s one bottle oper pull
or its scales up later

where are the whales when u need one


nice that’s good to hear


Roadmap is risky unless you can be sure to beat each stage the first try otherwise your wasting bottles.


@docmatix you will be able to get the Bottles of Wine / Glasses of Wine when completing the roadmaps of the event. The ratio will remian at 1 bottle per pull for the duration of the event.

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Yea sure just great…give more OP toons 4 whales…


So when the current wheel up expires in a little under 3 days, a new one will appear with the same ratio?


What’s this?


It is the other collection items needed for this event depending on the team your are building.

Camila or Chris?

Link doesn’t work yet. But presume that you mean wine glasses will be for an equivalent ranged character collection?


Don’t do the 10 bottle road map unless u have some serious toons waste of money

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Exactly :slight_smile: - And post has been restored.


I think you guys have been hitting the wine pretty hard if you think this is a good idea


Have the coins saved is Camilla good or stick with Michelle


Camilla allows u to use greens so another option of team comp


Actually it’s not really a waste of time at all since you don’t have to participate. No different that having a premier wheel up every day.

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You don’t have to participate in anything on the game, people will still complain.


Yea it’s actually pretty decent if you can hoard up coins. 50 pulls(~10400 coins) gets you a select ascendable from 4 choices, of which you’re also pulling at a 3% chance for a ascendables 5* with those 50 pulls. He only annoying thing is that if one were to already have everyone, they still need the 50 wine bottles + maxed out characters to get Harper. I’m kinda tempted to go for Camilla…


One of the roadmaps have significantly shorter duration than the museum collection. Will the roadmap reset and start fresh again or appear once then disappear?