Willie’s weapon mods?

So those of you who plan to use Willie, what are you doing with his bat

Have u ever test on defense? He’s just waste of space, he makes no change whatever the team u put him in, I faced ones with 30 rings and perfect weapon, he’s no danger make u no worried about him


I was gonna use him on attack because he can cut through a line with trauma. I’m well aware that in A.I hands he’s a hinderance. If you’re gonna complain some more go do it somewhere else or atleast bring something productive to the topic.


Bring a toon that Worth talking about, not sclass toons that a 6* is better than them

If you don’t like the topic, ignore it… pretty simple


I don’t like the toon not the topic

The topic is about the toon. Therefore, you don’t like the topic



I want to depot him along with his bat is what I think, will be best use of him looool

For his wepow since him dont have attack power, I would just heavily increase his Hp and huge Ap when attacking, this way make the best of his especial ability over healing.
And of course if you decide to upgrade wepow, stone wall can make him a lil tanky.


The weapon crafting suggested by @Cathola171 is pretty good, and for the mod I’d say :

[Hp set] or [Defense set]

  • Hp
  • Defense
  • Defense up against Allert
  • Defense up when stunned
  • Heal reduction resistance
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Thus you can use him in a attack team (you can at least control his action),
And use on a defense team (possibly time out the opponent).

I’m doing similar for a timeout defends, Or at least a war team that takes time to break through, but 4th slot considering just basic defence instead of stonewall. He’s the best use I have right now for the 800hp paragon mod which is why I’ve started on his weapon just now

Thanks for raising the topic cuz I was thinking the same thing. Just to balance out the non-constructive response from some…

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I went with this, trying him out in attack and def in my Alt.


Im got the same for willie

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I thought a weapon with magnified strikes might be a good choice for him because he stuns. With a good atk set the extra 80% might hit hard enough to be useful

I happen to be very fond of Willie :wink:
The toon isnt that bad either. :innocent:

srsly tho he got me thru some sr stages all by himself. Im a fan. :slight_smile:


So if you’re using him on attack you could go with stronger attacks if you’re running a strong team and are trying to do damage, camo might be decent since it’ll shield a couple toons from splash attacks, on def I have heal 10% / debuff to make him a little tankier


10 heal/debuff is rly good for him!

He is not a damage dealer, so tank him up with your best defense mods. If you have a focus buff toon in your team use impair or stun resist, if not use taunt resist, there is so many taunt and confuse control defenses today.

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