William as promo

Why isn’t he running with increased chances? He’s a gen 1 and let’s face it, shields aren’t what they use to be


i was expecting this thread little earlier but yeh i agree with who will like to pull one of the worse shield specially when all knows that 7* era is just started . i think pooply want to milk one last time on shield lol

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why is William running at all I can’t imagine anyone is actually going to buy coins and pull for him


I can see that but surely all players who have been lucky enough to gain a huge amount of coins should be smart enough to always pull for the new premier as each week it is just getting more and more op. I’m hoping soon they release a flying fire breathing Shiva with rocket abe on his back doing 10k damage to all enemy’s as a basic attack


Ohhh look fl@gged. I maybe hit the nail on the head then :wink:


Holy Shit! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
Dont give them ideas!

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AND d.leted.

Btw I said the reason they had put up the William wheel is because they consider that too many people pulled toons and keys on the Pete wheel due to the fact that so many had pulled 20k from crates in the event, so that they were hiding that wheel behind the William wheel hoping players would pull on the 1st wheel they see.
I’ll allow the reader to decide if that’s either d.lete worthy or must be the truth to have been d.leted… before it gets wiped again.

If you don’t realize why William is on promo yet, I’m sure you’ll figure it out sooner or later. I have a hunch that involves him but I don’t want to give them any ideas lol.

The less OP premier wheels the better in my opinion lol. May Elle never come back :joy::joy::joy:

Hope Diego comes back. I been looking for a sugar daddy/momma that will buy him for me.

All the Best! :v:t3:

Shouldn’t be too hard gotta market myself right will get whatever i want.

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