Will you spend your coins on feast token bags?

Just want to know who’s buying the feast tokens for a chance to get Princess the most wanted character of the event? Imma save up coins to get the stash tokens. I want to try my hand at getting both toons.

Princess is most wanted?

Or is this irony?

I can never tell


I think I’d rather have Bryan…


Yes if i have enayugh coins in futue…but victory tokens is better deal for me if you have 20 or something like that V tokens from pull.

I need a hard hitting red so I’m gonna get Bryan. I might buy some tokens to try and get some gear and mods though. I have no place on my def for princess so if I can get her cool, if not oh well.

Hell no, they can keep her she’s not wanted by me. Don’t need a fake tank and yet another strong toon.

Nah not needing any of those toons being offered.

Gear on the other hand. I could use gear for anytoon. But that’s another feast, and yet it’s a feast that isn’t one this company’s thinks we need apparently.

Funny how there are some good toons and everyone wants gear. What a joke.

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Maybe they would have been more interested if there was a year event before or during this event. Or rather, Scopely gives away legends instead of their epic counterparts so that gear (and for some, medals) is not a problem. I like the offered legacies, but T4 trait gear is needed for many of my current legends. Hell, if I get all the legendary medals from the stash, it’s only enough for one new legend.

Going back to the topic, no. I’ve idiotically spent some of my thousands of coins when I came back. Same shit that made me quit. Some went to refreshing the depot for a new ascendable (just another damn Wanderer). The rest went towards the token bag, which I probably didn’t need. I’ll save up my coins during the event and see where it goes in the next 3 weeks.

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