Will you give knives to buy christa

hi,i have a question! i will need one knife to improve christa. will you give knives to buy ?

This has been asked and answered a few times in the line chat, and the answer is always no, they will only be available through the daily login, road map and SC member gold radio.

It’s their incentives to have people join like comics.


I think I’m going to come up short too. I’ve missed no days and no maps. However the login bars were not there everyday for some reason. When I messaged support I was told that basically that was my problem cause there was nothing they could do. Stupid broken ass game.


They don’t always appear but then some days I got two. It’s bonkers.

But nothing surprises me any more.

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88 days it takes to max her you have one day left over

New toon will be coming out that uses gold bricks/ knives supposedly so you can use that to finish your toon

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And put you behind on the next one

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There’s no way you’ve even done close to everything if you still don’t have her maxed, I maxed mine a week ago and I know I missed a few days worth of bricks.

I’ve done every map collected every offer and mine ain’t maxed. I still need 4 more knives 18/20 right now with 20/40 bricks. I’m not a SC member cause I’m not feeding this pig of a company for a continuous broken product.


1220 day login streak so I’ve not missed a damn thing

youre cool with 20/40. ive got 25 but ive collected free 10 gold bricks one day.

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