Will you be playing this game in 2018

  • Yes
  • No
  • Only out of obligation to my faction

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Just curious


Hard to say. I"m definitely bored af with the way things are. Was thinking of stepping down from the top faction over the holidays and taking a break. Will I come back. Not sure tbh.


honestly im not sure, things need to change, it all depends if they happen or not, but judging by how well they are listening to our feedback it looks like the end is near for me


Maybe some of 2018 but I don’t know about to whole year, too early to tell.


probably quitting 17-december, have set that as last deadline for scopely to start improve.

I have probably the #1 best account on server, 14 6* all t3 except the 1 T4, but can’t progress anymore at all, no gold medals anywhere to be found :frowning: except at ridicolous 600 dollar for 1 toon ascend.

Yes flame me if you like, i enjoy making characters and level them, but scopely made it impossible even if i spend.


Like most of you I’m waiting for things to change. A lot has to be done.

It’s sad how things keep getting worse every week. I make videos and do livestreams but I’m unsure I’ll be doing those next year.


I’m torn between that and watching paint dry.


I feel like I’ve been waiting for a change that’ll never come since forever. almost 2 years playing now. haven’t missed a day. I’m not one to call it quits over bad prizes or op new toons, I understand that it works in waves of good and bad, its a psychological manipulation thing that all games do. I’ve always stayed because this game is pretty unique, there are no cut and paste copies like game of war or clash of clans or any of those shitty games, but scopely have mishandled it so fucking badly over the years in the interest of profits. I get it, it’s a business and high turnover of customers is better for profits than trying to keep customers for the long term. Honestly at the moment and for about a year I’ve been staying out of habit and for faction. But I’m bored af. Sick of endless RNG. sick of endless new ways for scopely to make money. Sick of players being treated like lab rats to perfect a business model for some rich assholes to get even richer. Sick of all the bugs. Sick of talking people off of the fence and out of quitting. It’s boring. this game is not fun any more. Faction assault helps but come on. how much more grinding for RNG rewards do i really wana do at this point.

So will i be playing in 2018?
shakes magic 8 ball
outlook not good.

Apologies for long post and rant. Just pretty sick of it all right now.


What’s your youtube channel?


nope fuck it not with oh a month of almost level ups.


If Scopley keeps this shit up then I’m just going to go back on Brave Frontier. Better yet quit mobile games overall and go back to playing my console games. :angry:


@discobot fortune will you be playing in 2k18?


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


@discobot fortune
so will ya?


:crystal_ball: You may rely on it


Cut it out ! You’re not even playing


This game is stale, but I put up with its bullshit because I’m in a good faction with good friends.


Although I agree with just about every gripe posted on these forums, I do still enjoy the game. So I am positive I will keep playing.

I am just a casual spender, just a few small buys a month, but if I don’t get enough shirts for Dwight, I will NOT be spending anymore and will go completely f2p.


How many shirts you got?