Will we now maybe finally get more Story Characters?


Now there the World Map is finally a bit more expanded, will we finally get Story Based Characters?

It’s a start that they actually have done a model
for Raso:

But seriously it wouldn’t even be close to be hard. Most of the characters even already have a Ingame counterpart (Brock, Emma) and the only that left is York who also can’t be real Challenge.

Literally everyone would prefer somethink like that over more stupid new Toons.

There are actually 3 Options to make us happy.

  1. Do Comic Characters who haven’t already like 5-6 Versions (Allen, Gabriel, Axel, Alice)

  2. Do RTS Story Characters, more than Garret and Mira.

  3. Make more Versions of RTS Origins Characters: Oliver, Bridget, Valerie, Erin, Sawyer…

But Instant they keep doing Number 4.

Making New Characters over New Characters, make them all Premier


27 days ago I posted my envision of the Worldmap here.
Guess I’ll have to create my own canon hen.


I’m waiting for it. And don’t forget using my characters and RTS Chars :wink:


Sure. I’m stagnating for a bit, but this will be over.


Give one star original RTS characters a five star version. Show how they’re grown from scared little beings into hardened zombie killers


This would be included in my second Statement. Vote now for Legendary Gerald :grin:


It wil take another 3 years for them to release that character


Depends. Will he be F2P then Yes. Will he be P2P? Then maybe Yes since why use a known Character who already has a model If they can do an unessary new, no one wants. They Whales spend anyway


Where’s this model from?..


From Stage 25. He’s an Ally in one act


The recent leaks show Gabriel, so that’s a positive!


Yeah. A small step in the right direction, while they immidently took 2 back with another 2 Complete New Characters :triumph:


he’s a one star interesting. I wonder if he will ever be a 5/6* unlikely


The One Star Normal for Ally Characters.


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