Will we get more 'easier' chances for Dwight shirts?


I have 860 shirts but due to the level ups I am utterly drained from putting up high scores for the last shirts. Will we get other chances before the collection expires to get more shirts or what?


You can forget now this Dwight.
Maybe he’ll be a premier recruit in one or two weeks.


Apparently shirts will be in all events next week and there will be some form of a catchup


Think its supposed to be a roadmap Monday but as far as I know it is going to be very hard so knowing scopely itl be S3+ recommended or something like that.




I really don’t mind the difficulty of it, but they really need to give different way to obtain the missing pieces. The same goes for the other gears for other people


I’m 10 shirts short ffs :joy:


Get good and try harder. Lots of us already have the weapon and Dwight.


Haha. Well I most certainly hope not, but you’re probably right. S3+ is three tier 3 maxed six stars. :joy: well I did create a thread to encourage them to hit the milestones for this level up, so they won’t have to face something like S3+ roadmap, but if they didn’t I still hope they get their required collections complete.


Raid tourney isn’t that bad if u have a Decent team.Do some coin offers in tap joy buy refills and hit the milestones.


What about more barb wire? There’s tons of shirts. What about the remaining parts maps that didn’t happen for the rifle and the missing 0 energy maps.


Hopefully bro but we all know what scopely is like.


There is a raid tournament tomorrow with them. However DeWhite was not guaranteed so there will be people who do not get him. I know plenty who didn’t hit milestones for level up but did everything else and after raid event if they complete milestones they will have enough.