Will We Ever See AOW Again?

There was a thread on this subject but I can’t find it, sorry.

Will we ever see AOW again, or is it CRW or nothing now?

I don’t mind, but lower factions get screwed with rewards,

I don’t understand why they don’t just multiply the CRW reward by the number of regions completing.

If 8 regions are competing in CRW, the top 8 all receive the top prize (which I think we all know will probably be 5* tokens for this war :rofl:). Next 8 all receive 2nd place all receive what would have been 2nd place rewards.

Everyone is happy.


Im surprised still no comment on this issue, think a "yes cross region war is the new normal going forward"or a “no we will go back to alternating all out war and cross region war again” would be a easy thing to answer, instead you have people getting upset over the fact we are having 3 cross region wars back to back. All out war is a very big event in this game, if its gone for good thats a big change that the player base needs to be informed about. if its not gone for good, why is it taking so long to get a answer? day 4 multible threads same question no answers


Don’t mind it, but I can definitely see why factions are upset when they don’t finish where they usually would, resulting in worse prizes. Scopely should adjust those and I don’t think there’ll be as many complaints, despite there always being some.

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Agreed. The prize drop offs after top 3 are awful in CRW. We are a #2 faction within our region. Unfortunately finished just outside 7-10 bracket, in 11th in last 2 CRWs. So stuck in the 11-25 prize bracket, we got 15 tokens each time. (Not that 25 in 7-10 bracket is really much better). We get rewarded better for 2nd in AOW, with much less effort than CRW. I love CRW as an event, just would like to be rewarded appropriately.


We need to ask AOW.
3rd CRW and always awful rewards after top 3 =/

If rewards were adjusted then I would prefer CRW all the time. However the rewards are oftentimes the same as AOW. This means now I am fighting 7 other 1st and 2nd ranked teams in regions that are generally light years ahead of us. I dont mind waring nonstop but we tend to loose many more battles in CRW. I feel it is about 3 times the effort for 1/8th the prize. I tend to slack off for CRW because of this.

Hoping so much this is a joke

8 Benedicts for first, crw has lost it’s luster.

Nope, it’s true. Such a joke. Battle all weekend for a 93% chance at 5*s

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