Will we ever get Season 2 TTG content?

TellTale crossovers are what originally sold me on this app over a year ago, but there’s a weird gap in the coverage of them. Both season 1 and 2 of the TellTale series were out before RTS had launched, so for season 1 they just went back and did an event anyways on it’s own rather than as a tie-in. Then there were the events for the Michonne miniseries and season 3 that happened as those games were coming out. But inbetween all of this season 2 has almost entirely been glanced over. If I had to guess why, I’d say it was because of just weird timing with newer seasons coming out before Scopely got around to season 2. I can’t imagine there’d be any copyright restriction since TellTale has and continues to be open handed with everything and since some stuff got covered. By which I mean 3 characters.

We’ve gotten All That Remains Clementine, which I have 0 complaints about (other than her little availability outside prestige 12 depot slots), Metal Gear Kenny (again: great job on that) and All That Remains Christa (who’s outfit is closer to her season 1 getup for some reason). And that’s it. No one from the Cabin Group. No one from Howe’s. No Russians. Nothing. 400 Days got the same treatment, which is more understandable since it was just DLC (and even TellTale themselves seem to have forgotten about it), but I’d still love to see them.

I know it’s weird to go season 1, side miniseries, season 3, season 4 (probably since that’s coming soon. HYPE TRAIN!!!), season 2 and/or season 1 DLC, but don’t let that stop you guys. There’s a lot of potential to be had, don’t let it go to waste!


I agree.

Would be nice to see them all.

Season 2 had some big characters.

Well let’s focus on the season 4 dudes I mean some of the ones form what I seen look awesome
Also telltale special edition Kenny all that remains clem are both season 2 but hell no id want a jane in this game she doesn’t deserve a toon at all

I completly agree. Season 2 had so many characters who deserve a place in the game

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I agree there. However I would also love to see some future S4 Charachters. Like Green clem

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I do expect and am perfectly happy with season 4 content first, just so long as season 2 isn’t forgotten.