Will we ever get characters as rewards again?

So since around say, October of 2017, Rewards have switched to being strictly gear and Epic tokens. The epic wheel has been updated a few times but nothing truly game changing has been added, and the odds on the wheel seem to give you the most useless characters anyway. Only a few (and I mean like 2 or 3) times have actual useful ascendable characters been given as prizes. I’ve been playing this game long enough to remember when war, and solo raid and level up tourney top prizes were characters that were useful and revitalized your roster, changed the entire strategy you used to play the game. For half a year now, the only way to get useful characters has been Premiere Recruits and the few they have given away for month long grind fests (Wyatt, Maggie, Vincent, Rick) I think if we started getting good toons as top prizes again that would throw this game a much needed lifeline. I know they said they wanted to watch the power creep with Legendary characters in the game, but, is Scopely being cautious to a point where the competitive nature and fun is being sapped from the game? Could this be one reason for the exodus of players quitting lately? Could better prizes draw people back into the game?


I agree with all of that, but the problem is that after the power boost they gave legendary toons it means they wipe the floor with even the best of the old epics, the gulf between the haves & have nots of this game is now so vast that handing out free 6* to top players will only ever see that gulf grow further.

Lower level & new players would take so long to become competitive that they’ve quit long before they get there, that’s the reason for the exodus imo, the game needs to attract new players to feed competition but those new players need to either spend 100’s of pounds/dollars/Galactic Ningis or grind to 18 months to become competitive. The people willing to spend lots of money are few & far between and lets be honest who is going to stick around a mobile game for over a year trying to become average at it.

Legendary toons has become the worst business plan anyone in the entire universe has ever concocted, if Baldrick & Homer Simpson teamed up to make a cunning plan it would be better than this one.


Would be nice even if they aren’t really toons that provide significant value during war but help in fa or Sr as most war prizes did before. If it’s a 5s that can be ascended, then I see no harm as there are resource restrictions preventing saturation of these toons.

Generally the other events like raid and level up provided a means for many F2P to obtain outdated premiers. Damn shame rewards are where they are today… Boring

The real thing that needs to be done is simple. I’d scopely has advanced gameplay forward by one grade of character, they need to advance all of gameplay forward. 1* characters should pretty much be axed from the game. 3* characters should be permanently axed from wheels and the gear maps should be moved up from 3/4/5* gear to 4/5/6* gear.

This would allow for better prizes across the board and let the newer players move into a world where they’re more able to compete. All of the top factions are full of 6* characters in my region. Improving the scale for everyone helps to close that divide and will make the newer/less active players more likely to stick around.

The problem is, scopely is looking at short term profitability too hard. It’s why you need specific trainers to level ARs, instead of just feeding them matching toons. It’s why gear is so rare. It’s why they aren’t making more legacy ascendables. Short term they want people to spend for gear and trainers or to spend to get rewards of gear and trainers. They also want people to spend to rebuild their rosters. They don’t seem to realize that many players feel as though they shouldn’t have to pay to use a premier toon they’ve already paid for, it pay for new premiers when they’ve already worked for and paid for a solid 5* roster. It’s frustrating to the top, crippling to the bottom, and leading to stale gameplay based on the same basic setups with very little variation.


^^^^^^^ Nutshell

The beginning of the end

Totally agree with what FinalBoss is saying. But character rewards are not the answer. It is unlikely that ascendable rewards would be given out much beyond the top 3 for a solo and top 1 for a faction event - leaving everyone else with useless 5★ characters and just increasing power drift. In older regions, this will just kill off more and more of the casual players accelerating the, already speedy, decline of these regions.

The answer is a significant increase in the quantity of “legacy” 5★ that are widely owned. We’ve got three left, two of which are pretty damn rare (so frankly few care). We need that updated list and a timescale that sees released fortnightly at least.

These character rewards could be legacy ascendable toons widely available through ascension like the siddiq war. Provides convenience for top factions only, while wider player base can still have a route to acquire these.

I’d fight for these and meanwhile they are widely accessible. We are after all restricted by ascension medals etc, so its not like we would ascend most of these anyways.

The issue with the toon war rewards were they were only acquirable through war placement and they always creeped in power. The convenience is nice as it provides some certainty while limitations to ascension rate provides a practical means of balancing everything.

I always hear Scopely and f2p players fretting over this gap in power when it comes to letting people earn rewards through winning tournaments but it doesn’t matter when they release a constant stream of premier recruits. So since premier recruits don’t matter I suggest top factions in war be given older premier ascendables as prizes. Of course this means prizes for lower factions would get better as well but that never seems to matter. There will always be power gaps in freemium games where people can pay to win. Making prizes better helps everyone, top factions aren’t asking for brand new op toons just ascendable toons that have already been released. Also I’m in a top faction and about half of the people in it are f2p and just grind coins so it’s not as if we all pull all the time and have some big advantage. We get the same shit as lower factions just more of it. We end up with 2 bennys per war instead of 1 or a half. It’s hard to keep people motivated for the same prizes over and over especially when they often turn out to be nothing more than fodder, and that’s not only a top faction problem that’s a everyone problem.


The problem is, I’m in the number 1 faction in my region and the divide is never clearer than when warring, the 2/3/4 placed faction chase us hard enough but we end most region war events undefeated, but due to the ever increasing circle of searches foe war we sometimes get drawn against even lower ranked teams. It must be sole destroying for them to see us again when many of the teams have only 1 or two legendary toons while some others have non at all and even the 6* they have are at level 1 or 2.

They are destroyed in seconds on auto attack.

The divide is real, if you are in a top faction you must have seen it. They can not ever get close to us. Current meta has lower ranked players received a couple of 5* toons per month from event token rewards, they need 8 just to ascend one of the freeplay legendrerys so it takes months to just get one of them to level one.

I want to keep my faction at number 1, but not at the expense of competition.

The problem with boredom setting in effects everyone from 1-10,000. So what can we do?

The solution is simple. We need a new token. This token is for a wheel with nothing but the f2p and legacy ascendables in it. This becomes the new reward for every war and crw. Everyone from 1-50 earns them so over time everyone gets a crack at it. Obviously the better the rank the more you earn.

Do this Scopely and everyone will be happy again. It solves both the need for the top factions to earn toons and still gives the lower factions a chance to stay competitive by working towards a guaranteed ascendable 6-star over time.

Please consider it and bring it to the team. @kalishane @Shawn.Scopely


I think we should move to a crw only format with large amounts of regions against each other. This will keep top factions fighting top factions and lower factions fighting each other for the most part. What your describing breaking up all the top players in each region into 10 factions is scopleys dream scenario because it would increase the amount of coining everyone did in war exponentially. I’m perfectly happy winning without coining and the smaller factions have plenty of competition with themselves. I want to win and win cheap I don’t want to spend $100 per war on fills and coin repairs and play for 56 hrs carrying people on my back. I did that shit long enough. There are ways to make players on all levels more engaged that Scopely can implement we just have to keep pushing for them and eventually they will happen. The game won’t last forever no matter what we do anyway, all games have a shelf life.

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I agree with crw only only time region should face it self is during blitz that’s about it facing same teams over and over in war for 2+ days is very boring


You are never gonna get a 6-star Gator as a war reward or any other 6-star for that matter, lol. :rofl:

The days of getting toons as a reward are over. They don’t have enough toons to give you one every two weeks. Then we will have to listen to the “top” teams bitch about how they are tired of getting the same toons all the time. Really what are you gonna do with a 10th Carl? If its a new toon it’s going straight to premiere recruits. They know you will still go out every single time regardless of the prize. You cant help yourselves.

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5* token wheel needs to be fixed some of the crap toons in there should go to ascends or if they are there already take them out of 5* tokens