Will we EVER get another Legacy Ascendable?

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I just have to bring this up. Will we EVER get another Legacy Ascendable? With that said, let’s start at the Beginning.

As we all know now, the Game is currently at a New Time Low. Every Event that gets launched causes atleast one Gate or even more if we look at Harvest Event, which already had two and only runs since not even Two Days. But this not all, The Current Promos are the next problem. With this I don’t mean there unbalaced, which there are, but that’s not what I want to adress now. I’m talking about the Characters itself. We never had such a long periode in the Game so far, where Scopely showed the Comic Series so much the Middle Finger. “Hey Scopely only because the Comic Series ended, it doesn’t mean that you can ignore the Comics. You could do that if you wouldn’ve given every Character the version they deserve, which you’re not even close too”.

Looking at that, it seems like that Legacy Ascendables are our only chanche of ever seing a Old Face again. In my personal, there was one Character in the last Months which got my hyped for him, Tye.

Tye orginally was a 4* Character, who wasn’t even properlly released until Ascendance came along and He was just dumped in Ascendance. His Skills were Unusable, but his Design was on point. When he was then leaked as a 6*, I was as hyped up as I hadn’t been for a long time. That all for him being the only returning Face and Scopely keep doing Bullshit. Before you say “Tye isen’t in the Comics” let me explain, he might not be in the Comics, but his Design was done with thought and it was orginal and this is already a big Part.

Here’s an Example. From all the New Random Characters who where Released since let’s say Koa, they only ones I like are:
Dev, because I have a slight favor in Bonus HP and Indominable. (I don’t know why) + he has a really cool jacket.

Wayland, because he actually has developed into a actual Character as good as it gets in RTS.


Shaun, for obvious reasons.

That’s it. And before this gets way too long, here’s my Suggestion list of My Top 5.

Comic Toons:

Allen (Alert or Tough S-Class)
Billy Greene (Tough 6*)
Thomas Richards (Fast 6*)
Gabriel Harris (Alert or Strong S-Class)
Douglas Monroe (Alert or Tough 6*)


Oliver (Tough 6*)
Benji (Strong 6*)
Bridget (Strong 6*)
Valerie (Strong or Fast S-Class)
Jeremy (Strong S-Class)

I decided to break it down to 5 each, because this Topic is already long enough.

Let me know your thoughts about the current state of “The Random Survivors: Road to Who’s this”


They are from typhoon, most are atm at least and i like them. Im not on the “only Ricks crew matters” team so that is just me. Priya looks cool, Lao Po, Wang Fa, Heng Yen, etc. Typhoon is good also, people should read it.

A toon that i feel based on the game alone should get aat least a 6* version is Darius. And any other character like that, we have enough Ricks, Negans, Michonnes, Maggies, etc. I get they are the OG crew and all that but i would rather not have 500 different Ricks of the same trait doing different things.

Now this i understand is from your point of view as you are a collector, i am also to a point but most players want useability, i could care less about how they look tbh and more how they function, if that toon will help my defense or attack teams any. I also do like more simple looks or toons like leagues Mirabelle or Moira. Toons like xmas Shiva or Tye, imo are over the top.


I cant even imagine if he got a 6* or s class, your reaction lol

Huge Joy and an actual kind of intrest in the Game again for a while. But I honestly don’t have much hope, looking at the fact that the last Comic Character was released Months ago (With Exception of Legacy Maggie and Michonne, because they got leaked a long time ago).

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I wasn’t looking at the Typhoon Crew. There fine, even if I’m not sure about the fact that they all got 6*/S-Class Characters already, because one of them will problably die rather quick and Ricks OG Crew didn’t got the Credit Still to this Day.

But aside from that. I mean Characters like: Hina, Sheldon, MrJones, Cameron Scarr, Moira, Elle, Zander…

No One of this Folks seems rememberell. (Except for maybe Elle, because she an A**hole to fight against).

I’d knew a better Alternativ from the Comics for each of them, but I get your point and understand it. It just the problem that currently it’s barely enjoyable anymore in any way. There was a Phase, where there was a Good Mix of Comic Characters and OGs

I like characters I can learn the names

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Yes but a counter argument would be that the same toons will be getting boring and repetitive as I believe no one would want to see ten different Ricks and 20 odd michonnes

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Sure. Though I rather would have see 20 Diffrent Ricks Ingame then 20 Newly Created Randoms to be honest. It will take quite some time anyway to do all the Characters and even after that, there are even some Characters who’s current “Best” Versions are pretty Unusable now, like Aaron for Example.

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Pete, Jessie (ok these were months ago by now) Kapoor? Lance? Frost (not released yet, but leaked)

[ETA] Stephanie

This dude obviously the kind that kept his 3* and 4* from 2015 and still complain why he can’t win shit

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Kapoor and Stephanie were the only ones, Yeah. Lance and Frost were leaked Months ago

This Dude hasn’t read my post

Dude even if they make all 5* 6* they won’t do shit against s-class. keep talking about 6* in this Era is just so dumb


I agree, who cares, why keep holding on to the past? No one said this game was going to follow the comics religiously.


I’d disagree that they’re worthless. Just worthless for PVP. Still are handy in SR, FA, road and world maps

That’s not really my point. I just hoped for a offical response for the Question if there ever will be Legacys again or not.

They don’t need to make normal 6*, that was just a realistic suggestion. I would even prefer it Allen, Billy, Garbriel, Thomas and more would get S-Class.

So Stop Attacking me. I’m just trying to improve the Game one last time.

Who cares? Legacies are useless.

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They already said Maggie will be the latest legacy they will release

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Do you have any proof for that?

See it with my own eyes just can’t find the topic