Will Walker's be able to take down s12 teams

Doubtful but guess we will find out soon


Walkers have a hard time with revive teams I don’t imagine them against full S-class teams lol


i have hard seeing it beat mia teams becouse they couldnt beat elle teams last time

Dont even need s class to defend against under powered walkers in hordes, walkers hit like a pillow in hordes but in like sr they will eat your face in an instant

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Walker’s stats should move dynamically up vs opponent team grade imo. They already struggled vs Gen2

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They wont they want you to spend for best cards. However, not sure even best Walker team can win vs some setups.

Ps- they also dont care about that game but about profits

Scopes isn’t clever enough to have thought of this, that’s why the forums are here, here is where the knowledge is😂


Soon we will have roadmaps that are s50. It will be like how it is for the majority of players trying to do the s20+ roadmaps.
It will also be lots of posts on the forum asking how to beat these new roadmaps and the common answer will be- use these unicorn s-class characters with these unicorn weapons.

I honestly thought hordes would be the big money maker instead of raid characters still lol.
Ya know like make undead Rick,Glenn,Abe,Andrea walkers etc… with greater power and sell those but narp just half butt event per the usual.

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