Will VK ever be stopped?

Is anything ever going to be done about VK and what they do??? It makes me feel that the hours I put into the game are a big waste when people can simply go and buy characters, assault items, gear, weapons or whatever they want from VK without putting in the time. Its very disheartening.

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I hear you – it’s very frustrating how it ruins the fun for everyone else. :angry:

We are actively investigating and are planning on implementing more tools to help!

Any info you can send us is greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:


I used to believe it would be stopped

Used to


Seems like every time something to stop them is inplemented, they find a new ‘hole’ to get through.

Before Shane started sharing prizes and upcoming events here, VK was the go to for that, that’s all it was. Simply letting people know what was coming up.

People are getting banned though for purchasing the VK store items.

Did you see my post about CRW with Hacker’s?

You think "maybe scopely owner of v.k sites":rofl:

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i think people should spend on VK then Scopley… i mean $copley is ripping everyone off.

They are bringing it to the attention of “the team”, so sleep tight. It is as good as … swept under the rug.

But seriously - you have all the data - posts, forum itself, people posting the proof of cheating and yet nothing changes.

It is like police got the whereabouts of suspects, their mugshots, video proof of crime and still would do as much as saying:
“We are still investigating the case of those serial killers you reported, so keep on surviving citizens!”.

Riots guaranteed.


It is sad to see that somebody can cheat when you’re not cheating. But there is always cheaters. Let’s talk about the gold coin generators too. I’m on vk but just to have informations about the events to come. Informations I don’t have here or later

Some known hackers actually got banned from my region after scopely was presented with irrefutable information. Took a while but it did happen and there are no known hackers there now

but the damage was already done… I bet that hacker was able to push the faction further to compete in events. Win events … whole faction gets a free ride.


I don’t understand where scopelys lawyers are, can’t they issue a cease and desist?

Tools are not working, has scopely lawyered up?

Issue it to who? The identification of the people who run the groups are unknown

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Vk is Scopely. Duh.


that would be the SMARTEST move a $copley employee could do. EZ money before the game goes under.

I actually don’t understand what are you asking scopely to do, sue social network? Same people have their page on facebook as on vk, maybe sue facebook cause it is on US soil lol

Scopely ruins the fun with, for example.

•giving us a chance to get X ítem/character

•bad prizes

•3 lvl ups in a row.

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Introduce a character that the odds are actually 0 of getting (a bait toon)… anyone who gets it obviously cheated… kind of how Priya was originally introduced I believe.

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moneyboys will pay to be better than other maneyboys but they do not know that moneyboy is a cheat. for that reason, they do not give ban to all, “hackers make others pay more.”

Now it’s just a thought, but it’s strange to me that people outside of scopely continue to make money with this game, and that scopelyboys do not worry or take the necessary steps to stop it,
It makes me think that maybe it’s just maybe it’s not as “external” as we think


For all you hard-core gamers… Are there other sites like VK for other mobile games?

And do those owning companies just sit by idly doing nothing?