Will us beta players be getting some kind of compensation?


Im not expecting to see any compensation seeing how some past issues didnt get much thought. But it would be a nice little gesture to those of us locked out of the game for a whole day. Lost a day of war and my streak. Which isnt as important but still.





do you really want something after you tried to help them and got srewed by it? that`s so low of you


You will get a grenade and some elegant incense. Keep an eye out for them in your inbox.


  • not an actual thing. keep surviving.


To the point that it affects their paying or non-paying, non-beta testing account?


It should be seperate but it isnt. Bugs and benefits always flow into the real game. Good luck with that. Back when I was in beta they locked us out for a week straight while they ran the most awesome gear maps for that time. No compensation or even acknowledgment. That’s when I left beta as the benefits for being thier Guinea pig became non existent. Dont know why anyone even still does it honestly.


Unlikely. But you can leave beta, and let them test their own game :man_shrugging:


When you download Beta, it’s not that clear for the first time that it will affect your normal daily gameplay. They have these beta regions for beta features/bugs where they should handle everything separately in an optimal situation.

Ideally, we should have an access to a staging version of the game which runs completely separate from our main game. I always wonder why they integrate the whole beta mess to the live game…

Btw we are Not beta testers. That’s a job. I don’t remember getting a salary for this. We are a helpful community who saves time and money for the QA team. Probably a lot…

We doing this for free, so yeah fast support and some kind of compensation is they mess up our normal gameplay should be the normal reaction. If we care to help, they should care about our user experience as well.

Since they need our help on long term, it’s important to keep us motivated and satisfied. If they not, that will cost them a lot of money, because they will lose our free help, so they have to solve the testing alone… with a paid service or hiring professionals and that would definitely cost more money than just giving some virtual value for the ppl who put effort to help them.

Reward the help of beta players don’t punish them constantly!! Nothing fancy, just be fair. Don’t just use them, care them. That’s what cooperation is about.


There was no compensation for beta players who couldn’t war at the start of a CRW after a actual forced beta update this past summer. So definitely won’t be compensation for people who chose to do this update in the middle of war.


There won’t be… But there should be…
Im sure and hope that they will lose a big amount of beta player after this, and hope they will warn those too who consider to jump in beta testing in the future. Totally not worth it to get screwed up all the time randomly, and scopes doesnt even f care. No compensation is just one thing… Leave those players alone in the trouble is the real problem…

My personal advice is : Don’t join Beta! Stay away from another source of problems. As a normal player you already have a lot of glitches. Why would you need more… If you curious about the beta features early, be a part of any community where ppl will share screenshot or videos. But don’t waste your time helping them, because they wont help you either.


People act like it’s our fault that they had a bug that locked us out :joy: no we deserve compensation if they weren’t able to fix the bug for over a day.


We all know by now that updates screw up war. Hence why I didn’t run the update, see it sitting there waiting till after war? It was a choice if you ran the update. They didn’t force it out.


Sure, but they also could have hurried up with a fix for the bug, which they didn’t.


And also, from what I heard, some people who didn’t even update it and who left beta also got a bug, so is it still their fault?


I dont get why Scopes just releases a seperate Beta client individual from the regular client to avoid these things.


So you blame the user for the normal behavior of updating the app ?? Im happy that you were that smart and saved yourself from the trouble. Unfortunately I wasn’t that lucky.

I switched off auto updates ages ago just because this stupid game. So I was almost as “smart” as you, except I just got back my phone from the service after a full recovery and the auto-updates were ON by default, because some crazy people think that updates are useful… and baamm… I get screwed up in less than 1 minute. I guess I deserve my punishment … You can’t be careful enough lol.


Or Scopley could have just waited till after war to update the beta. WTF do they always drop a new fucking beta at the start of war… They keep doing the same stupid shit expecting that they overnight learned how to produce a non bugged game…


No , keep survivinggnic


Sure beta players will, just after the last 5 beta fck ups.


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