Will toons still be available to buy in the supply depot?

Alot of my faction mates are worried with the new depot right around the corner that we will no longer be able to purchase toons with our supply points/markers. And if they are will it be the same current lineup of toons that are rotated? I was hoping anyone at this point will clear this up. @kalishane @kalishane @Andrea_Scopely @Agrajag


On the leaked pictures, the Depot seems to still be there, so yes, I suppose so. The only thing that will change is the addition of the Gear Depot, which is exclusive for gear.

Maybe they might change the Supply Depot to have only characters and trainers, perhaps weapon parts, too. Sounds good enough for me.

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I really hope so, some of my faction mates have over 100k in supply points and have been waiting week after week for an ascendable to show up in their depot. Losing out on the feature would be crushing to a few of them.

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All that’s happening to basic Supply Depot

  • Points renamed to Markers (no difference mechanically)
  • Some gear slots removed due to redundancy with gear depot
  • One of those slots replaced with a new slot that contains Trainers

Thanks for the clarification! Players are definitely worried about this change.

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Any bennys, liliths and Aden’s going in there @Agrajag if you did the community will love you,

Also what about adding survival road and territories cans to depot,

And remove toons from the world energy refill, after 2 coins to cycle and only seeing toons in there, I won’t coin it again until I know it is removed my entire faction feels the same too.

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Whoah. You got coins? :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Nope but that’s would also be adequate entry too maybe 250 of them at a time

A re roll of sorts

If you could change up some of the characters (keep Glenn, Ty, and Gov) and maybe add some new ascendables, that would be great. Thanks

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Thank you for the prompt and clear response @Agrajag, it is much appreciated by me and my fellow faction members. I look forward to relaying the message to them. :slight_smile: