Will this prediction become true?

That was a survey conducted a few months ago and is somewhat different than the info about Survivors Club.

geez, an elite token pull a day will not create a power creep and if there is a 6* for the subscription then isnt there a new op card released every other week anyway?

If it had included the war energy cap and refresh increases then I’d say it could lead to a lot of quitting an an inability to compete without it but since it doesn’t include that it’s much ado about very little imo.

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Those were priced $20. Survivors Club is $25… Pay more for less? No extra info given so only time will tell

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Intresting. Atleast there are cheaper Versions. Even if I’m going to take the second variant. What am I suppose to do with a Stupid Elite Character Token Pull?

People are apoplectic already, if it had included energy cap increases, especially War energy increases, people would have been jumping off their roofs and impaling themselves on their Randy Jackson autographed samurai swords.


I don’t mind spending a bit here and there but this is £300 per year on a game - I cannot justify that to myself to be honest. The one concerning aspect is the war energy increase although it may well just reduce canning slightly. I have resigned myself to the fact that I cannot be a top level player on the £60-£100 per year I spend and that this will see me slip a bit further behind those that spend big money. I don’t particularly like it but we really shouldn’t be surprised by it! If someone wants to spend thousands on a game then good luck to them but this isn’t for me and I’m slightly closer to the door because of it.


That was in a proposed one in a survey. There is no war cap increase in the one they are going to actually offer.

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Does this say the Survivors club could possibly get exclusive roadmaps for gear?? tell me that’s not what I just read

Yes. Gear to level Andrea Shield. You get comic books which are used level her. Without those she is just about useless.

Okay I miss read I took at as regular gear … phew

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