Will this guy be ascendable?

Perhaps. There was talk about a red leader Glenn becoming ascendable (just a rumor I believe) though there are more than 1 red Glenn leader.


Based on past mention that eventually all five stars will become ascendable.

But as it stands, there has been no legitimate information which confirms if he’ll be made ascendable in the next month, next decade or even by next century. An image with his character card on suggesting he would become ascendable is fake.

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I read on my regions global chat that he is next to be ascendable, so yes, expect it soon!

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Can’t tell if sarcasm?

But he isn’t expected soon. He appeared on a fake image which has been doing the rounds since September.

Edit: see here

Your notification bar would drive me crazy. Lol


no i swear this is a genuine question. Sorry if it came out that way.

As a rule of thumb, you should keep all unique 5s. Only depo/ fodder dupes. You never know who will become ascendable down the line. I haven’t seen anything regarding this Glen in particular, but that may change.

Sorry, that was directed to Katolo - thought he was here enough to have seen that fake image doing the rounds

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Filthy af

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That’s not same red glenn in this post and your link.

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Damn, I feel honoured. Your first post in almost a year and you choose my idiocy to call out.

You’re right, wrong Glenn :persevere:

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Is that some sort of new feature? “Rambo is a new member of this community, let’s make them feel welcome! Richard Kimble hasn’t posted since October 17, '17, what in the world have they been doing?”

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He was so beast.

Did you just get your suspension lifted??

Congrats bud

Yes, it is certain he will soon be ascendable.

wrong glen aswell.

Is the price negotiable?

Yeah, that was already established…

LOL i was never suspended… I just don’t come on here often.