Will there be war or no this weekend

Will there be any kind of war this weekend?

Only in the Scopely HQ for who gets to put chocolate sauce on their pancakes.


@GR.Scopely some clarification on this would be nice, we have few mid faction folks who are sitting on a verge of war wheel pull.

@Turbo @Legend_Killer @The_Truth

We won’t have any kind of war this upcoming week-end as stated in the following thread ⚔️ Tournament Calendar.

Also, to quote what @JB.Scopely was saying this morning the rational being this decision is the following:

War Weekend
It was removed, mostly due to Labor Day ahead, and based on popular feedback upon those big holidays, a break is offered. The rationale is also reinforced with recent wars that were plentiful (ToC + CRWs)



Yay fac lvl up and solo raid instead… yaaay


Ah great finally we got an answer, it would have been good if this reason was preemptively provided thru a pinned post earlier, so as to avoid this confusion on why war was removed from calendar.


TRUST there promises they will be better comminicators before 26 sept

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So, could we expect that whenever a holiday in the weekend, elsewhere in the world, to not have any type of war due national holidays!, or this is only whenever in USA!?

We euro.s dont have labor day can we get war we are done. with lvl up after lvl up and raid without raid cans awsome thinking

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No we had war at our labor day

Why don’t you guys like… idk… take into account player feedback? Nobody wants war delayed. Nobody is saying there have been too many wars… Most players want blue keys and war tokens (f2p that is).

Just listen before coming up with ridiculous conclusions.


Not for everyone!!!

To be fair, it’s probably from Scopely’s perspective so they can have staff in the office.

For when war is broken right out the gate and needs fixing lol.

Scopely at the office.


As an American. I can think of no better way to spend my Labor Day weekend than whipping Russians in crw. My heart is broken in a fit of rage. I destroyed my family’s BBQ and threw my children’s bicycles on the roof. Only war can cure what ales me.


There should at least be blitz or aow if they cant do crw. Labor day sounds like An excuse to me But thats Just my thinking. Anyway good job scopely

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This is bs first class we play this game for 4 years and you never canceled war because of labor day ,stop placing bs storys and tell.no lies anymore , you guys have told enough fake storys already , the truth is you dont want to do a war because of the toc whale players had there crap toc last weekend so start telling the truth to the players and stop this bs , most people didnt warred and dont give 2cents about ap or other whale factions , so stop punishing players becuase your precieus whales have warred last weekend


As someone who was part of the ToC for several rounds I can say no war this weekend is a nice break.

you can chose to stand down
we 120 regions that didnt war will have no war for three weeks.
maybe the only reason to play as a faction


So a hand full of regions warred and lots of regions not is stupid from scopely to say fck you no war , give the final round of regions from toc raid and all the rest of the not warred regions war simple