Will there be GPS and canteen in level up milestones

From now on or in next solo lvl ups … or is it just one time thing and only for faction lvl up … anyone who has idea bout this

They’ve been regularly switching up the milestones for a while now, and we’ve seen this before. I’d assume that we get them every couple of levelups, but not every time. No leaks yet that I’m aware of.

Yes I assume that too … but soon we will have new solo lvl up … I hope they follow this and even put radio or watch

Next Solo lvl up will have a choice box

That need to stick watches and radios in there to now run out of them to now

Really wow this really will be a good move and spark some competition, oh wait that’s gear choice boxes sigh hoping it was collectible choice boxes

Collectibles in rank rewards but no choice

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Seems weird why have they skipped Raulito again

One quill for quite a high milestone? This is not what I was hoping for.

Ah guess I won’t Guo ham in that LU and just hit few stones

Thnx @jolieandbecks

Skipped aarav too knew that was coming.

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