Will there be an iOS update before war?


Android has since updated over a day ago, probably two and iOs has not updated yet. Several people cannot use their iOS phone device after transferring from their android tablet. Will there be an update for iOS before war?


I think it is up to apple to approve. People should know by now not to update until it is out for both platforms.


some devices automatically updates, and I would assume that updates for both platform would be within 24 hrs, if they didn’t get the approval for iOS then they shouldn’t have rolled out android. I wouldn’t know how any of this works but hopefully someone could answer this question.


SHOULD be before war but I am not holding my breath. I was told three days ago from Shane and support that it should be fixed in three days. I was naturally figuring prior to war but only time will tell.


I thought IOS already got one a few days ago?


It not the same version as android, its still behind.


Seriously demotivating