Will there b princess cards in next velvet collections? Any leaks on it?

I know next velvet toon is priya and other is ??

No, same boxes as this week.
The promo is priya.

It’s Wayland

Thnx man…

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Thnx for the info

I have a feeling princess may be in the collections
Same with mercer.

Zander and princess should be in them.


Only goes up to Wangfa

Daiyu will go in the collection well before mercer or princess.

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Las cajas de recompensa de guerra están dando fichas para princesa.
Revisa las recompensas de guerra y verás.
Lamentable que sólo las den así, ya que sólo las facciones que quedan en buenos lugares en las guerras de regiones tendrán más facilidad de poder poner a princesa en clase S rápidamente. Más desventaja contra los hacks y visas

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Princess is little exclusive since she isn’t a promo toon (I m a ftp ) so it’s impossible to get her cards outside any reward crate and the added her in war rewards so I thought she shud b added in all reward crates from now on …


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