Will Survivors club fix territories?

I’m so tired of getting kicked out of the game while trying to hit a territory, losing energy and my toons losing stamina just because game kicks me out. There are so many bugs with territories yet scopely is always releasing new updates, new toons. They are interested in making money but can’t fix the bugs on the older features.

@JB.Scopely please fix your game before adding new features. I will not be subscribing until scopely actually fix the features that are already released.

No, there will be a separate $5.99 per month surcharge for fully operational territories



If it pulls revenue and they dedicate a new resource to fix territories from that revenue then it could indirectly fix territories.

Damn that’s a way better response.


This fix was already announced before survivors club

I’m so tired of seeing multiple posts about the same topic while browsing the forums when it’s already been addressed.

@SweetRevenge Please read previous posts about the same topic before creating a new thread. I will subscribe to SC until players stop doing this. :rofl:

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I’m on newest beta and it’s not fixed still get kicked outta the game when your team is removed from territories. More fake news

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I will believe it when it happens. They also said the bug with giant toons was “fixed” and it’s good to see they were lying about that one too.


I didn’t say it was fixed I said a fix was announced so maybe hold off on attacking the fix until it’s put in place

How long is this bug in place? Months? Is it a year already? I lost track. They said they were going to fix it in the beginning already, didn’t they?

They either don’t care or aren’t able to fix it. For every serious developer fixing bugs is a priority. And here we are getting new content that offers new monetization options.

I am hoping the update will fix the territory issues too

Until it is legit fixed, bitching and moaning on the forum over and over again is perfectly valid

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