Will Survivors Club drive away most of the playerbase


My issue is that after scopely constantly screwing up the game, and no reward for wasting money, I went f2p. I’m not going back to spending, so it looks like I’m done. 2.5 years has been enough anyway. No idea how many more, but I think about 1/4 of my faction will quit


This is funny. While I was commenting here, my faction is chatting in line about all of us moving to a new game. The friends were the main reason for playing so this could work. Maybe a game without all the bugs.


I’d love to move to another game with you guys


25 a month isn’t gonna get you a bmw bruh :joy::man_facepalming:


Players always say something Scopley brings out will chase the players away but thats not true because everyone just keeps coming back. This is just like when Glenn died on the show, people threatened to not watch anymore, but as soon as the next season arrived they went back to watching it. Basically people will keep playing regardless and its their choice if they want to subscribe or not and only have themselves to blame if Scopley decides to put the content out to the public by making the toon be achievable in a future event.


Actually rating are way down on the show … it’s about as dead as this game will be as soon as they. Launch this garbage


Fine then.


Lol. Over the almost two years I’ve been f2p I’ve saved thousands man. I’m not after the new ones anyway I’m trying to find a E32 or E38 with the V8 engine auto transmission.


I have been a BMW tech for the last 15 years and I can honestly say that those may be bigger money pits than this game.


You to can get a free human shield for just 12 monthly payments of £24.99 order today.

Every new feature or glitche/bug or offer drives away players region numbers were dropping or we would not have got transfers which in turn made more leave will this new feature do the same yes. Scopley want new players that spend not players who already did.
7 day trail gives you a probably the 5star version of human shield which you need the gear for which is not free and will most likely take as long to get as faction assault 5/6 toons gear or the easy to level up prestige michonne if u spend spend spend.


My concern is the thursday roadmaps were not here the week before this update will probably drop. Is this an indication that the gear maps will also be paywalled? The gear crunch already makes it pretty damn tough to play.


You are probably right.

Would I be quitting over Survivor Club if they didn’t have the endless lies about Anniversary-gate, and if they didn’t have these toons more OP than Erika was, if they fixed the territory bugs, if they put reasonable pricing on offers… possibly not.

With all the drama of the past 6 months though, there is no way I will abide Scopely introducing 6.5-star toons in the game and hiding them behind a paywall.


I love smart new stuff.

I hate anti-competitive nonsense.
At the end of the day, Survivor Club is a blatant move away from having the game remain relatively competitive between casual spenders and whales. F2P’s are totally screwed.

Perhaps you haven’t noticed the massive wave of retirements after anniversary-gate.

I, personally, decided to stick through that. I will not stick through Survivor Club, and if I feel that way, very likely dozens (probably hundreds if not thousands) feel the same way.

Might not kill the game, but it’s killed my motivation.


Truer words have never been said.

For me, it’s just another dumb addition being added to the enormous pile of dumb additions.

So who’s up for another thrilling game of Onslaught? I need me some bronze mods. :smirk:


But you can sell a BMW.

Sidenote: if read the conclusions on the EU lootboxes saga. The ONLY reason other countries don’t consider it gambling is because you can’t sell the prizes.


Because gambling would constitute spending money for a chance at more money. Since the items you paid for can not be traded or “sold” for money, it’s fine with their laws.


The more I think about it the less likely I am to subscribe. Honestly, the only selling point right now is Andrea. But once they release the details and tell us it’s going to be 6 months to max her then that goes out the window.

One pull a day? Not enticing at all considering I just did 5 forty pulls combined for Lydia and Carl with nothing to show for it.

Free crafting? Sounded amazing until players already noticed that it doesn’t include duct tape and pk so that’s a huge waste.

Roster space? Such a terrible selling point to something that shouldn’t be an issue. We should have unlimited roster space. Likely 100 won’t make a difference for most.

Food and materiles doubled? Well materials doubled doesn’t matter, I don’t even have any making wood. And food, isn’t an issue since I don’t have gear to level my toons.

No team cost cap? I mean awesome I guess if your starting in a new region. Useless for vets.

Exclusive members-only roadmaps… I guess this is where we get Andrea gear. Again. If it’s a six month wait, not enticing enough.

It’s unfortunate that while the forum tries to help this game out by asking for simple solutions to some problems (gear museum anyone), they are busy working on something else that will create them even more money. I get it. You need money. But you also need happy customers. Keep on releasing more and more shields and revives. You have backed yourselves into a corner and will now need to reset everything (45 ap toons or 7 stars). Teams shouldn’t be full of revive and shields after a year of six stars.


New players missed out on the option to buy extra spots with coins.

Hoarding is clutch to success in this resource management game and roster spots limit that.


I could, in fact, use the roster space. Have a bunch of trainer boxes to open. Just not willing to pay for it. Although, the question arises: If I sub, then cancel, do you maintain the roster spots?


Well maybe an LS 400 V8 then. Can get mint condition ones for good price now.