Will Survivors Club drive away most of the playerbase

  • Yes
  • Meh, maybe not but the game will suffer
  • The playerbase will be just fine
  • Naw, this change will probably bring lots more players in!

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I wouldn’t say most but certainly a lot.


People are so afraid of new features. This is the thousandth thing that will supposedly kill the game


If the playerbase were all compulsive spenders, theyd definitely be fine.


Lol. So Draconian.

Much ado about nothing. Mods were by far the biggest game changer in the last year. We’re still here…


If this Shield Andrea is behind an extensive paywall that takes months to complete, or they bottle neck gear even more for F2P, Scopes can sit on one and rotate. I will be gone.


Mods weren’t an only p2p thing now were they?

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Exactly, meaning their reach, positive and negative, affected all walks of players. Survivors Club really won’t affect my gameplay

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“Survivors Club means only some players will get exclusive toons with bonuses not available anywhere else, allowing those players to better crush me in war and tourneys… but it ‘won’t affect my gameplay’”


What bonuses are exclusive to Andrea? Because shields are all over the show

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I think Andrea with a rainbow lead and shield will not be good for the game then putting behind a paywall will only make it harder for the FTP players. I think Andrea will be a nice addition to the people who are willing to stick it out long enough to buy here gear. I think i will wait and see how often the special roadmaps show up or if they are paywalled even with the 25. a month purchase. i personally dont think it will improve my gameplay at all in fact i think it is helping close the door to this game for me.


Lead skill + specialist skill


Fun fact: there are zero other toons that allow you to get both a leader AND specialist bonus from using just one toon slot in your team.

It won’t be long before these exclusive Survival Club toons offer more and more overpowered combinations of leader+specialist duos.

In any case, I have zero inclination to play against players who have exclusive access to these 6.5 star toons.


2 people voted for option 4? How in the hell is this gonna bring more players to the game? I sure wouldnt have downloaded this game if I knew it would have a monthly subscription of 25 bucks or even more in other currencies. Crunchyroll, Netflix and funimation all cost that much combined for the month.

Sadly I don’t see this move killing the game. Whales are always hungry for even the slightest advantage and I already know multiple people planning to get it. That’s the nature of this game. Wont be changing ever


Lmao, stone the crows!!! I think you give far too much credit to a joint leader/specialist skill. You’ll probably hardly notice any difference in a raid


Forward thinkers. Just like the battle mechanics in rts. Gotta think 2-5 moves ahead.

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Well for forward thinkers you didn’t see this coming, did you.

Ad hominem is cute af.

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