Will ShAndrea still be relevant once useable?


Serious question, if past is any indication she will not even be useable for at least 3 months, probably 6, will she even be relevant by then? Hell my faction used to FA hunt and I still don’t have gear to level Tara, not even sure if I would use her now if I could.

Related note - why is everybody say they’re going to quit over survivor’s club? Most of what I’ve read is how little value you actually get from it, if it’s that weak how will it widen the gap between F2P/P2P?


It marks the transition from p2w to full on p2p, is my guess.


It doesn’t mark the transition to P2P because you can still play the game free.


Indeed. For now. This is the foot in the door moment, old chap.


Hey scopes…why don’t you show some love to the prestige Michonne? Just saying…


Call it as it is when that moment come, but a subscription service isn’t indicative of the game being solely P2P.


Nope. Its indicative of a transition.


Based on what precedent? I don’t legitimately know of a game that had a F2P component scrubbed by a P2P subscription.


Idk. Jesus is a better imo but she doesn’t have a fixed weapon which just makes her more flexible. Very likely I ever use her lead… So she’s just a sheild.

Truth. I doubt there will be any real value here. I encourage them to prove me wrong.

In the mean time I’ll be shaking this.


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