Will S-class destroy this game?

Seeing as everyone was given a free S-class, what are your guys’ opinion for the future of TWD: RTS?

  • Yes they will
  • No they wont

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Not every car crashes. Depends if you handle it like a madman


So far it’s been handled worse than a madman.


I think they will, but it’ll be a long drawn out process and in combination with other things.

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I believe so. Obviously the top players (mega whales) only represent 1 percent of the game but if they are unhappy (I think they are judging by all the merges of top factions), then I’m sure the rest of the players base from spender to casual spender to f2p are unhappy as well.

At some point, not saying it’s soon, but at some point, this game won’t be profitable if they keep losing spenders without making new ones (can’t imagine players in new regions would just start dumping 2k for a toon).


Here in lewis, which is about 2 months old, out of everyone in here, there are only about 2 major spenders that have gotten S-class pete. So I agree with you completely.

You’ll be shocked to know there are players in newer regions who dump excess money without knowing the predatory greed of this company, by the time they come to their senses its already too late they either stop spending or retire. For suppose in Lancaster SC members call themselves F2p coz they get a free pull every day, lol imagine this :laughing: Newer regions are naive Scopely knows it.

Yes they will. For me they already did. Didn’t even bother to war this crw. Went from 650k last war to 20k this one. No point in warring.

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You cant destroy what already is destroyed.

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You left out little old ladies (and little old men, if we aren’t using gender stereo-types). They tend to have minor scrapes a lot.

And also my friend’s brother’s girlfriend, who forgot to put the handbrake on when parked on a hill. A couple of hours later she got a phone call from the police summoning her because the car had knocked over and then rolled on to the base of a lamppost/streetlight.

Turned out the car couldn’t be removed until the electricity company switched off the power supply to the whole road because it was in contact with the live wires and was so live anyone who touched it would have been immediately electrocuted to death. It took hours to sort out.

Mayby not destroy but even more players leave now

Progress has to be made and S class is that progress, yes a lot of teams I face now, have bleed resist mods so it has hampered my bleed based team but I have found a new way to play, which is working just as well, if not better than just running a bleed team.

No… bcz this game already destroyed

You mean a women?

Yes, I believe s class has already had an adverse detrimental impact and will eventually destroy the game if changes aren’t made soon. They are being issued way too close together, every couple of weeks. Not only does this do nothing to improve the gap between ftp and ptp, it creates a new gap in spenders between those who will spend thousands for a toon and those who will not. I haven’t spent for a toon since PlayersUnited began, and this is the first war where I personally have seen the impact … where the top teams have so many s class toons and are so far ahead of the rest of us. For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, don’t worry, you will. For those who say it doesn’t matter because you couldn’t beat those teams anyway, up until this war I agreed with you, I also thought it probably wouldn’t impact me much because for example I couldn’t beat Endgame or AP anyway. But I was wrong, there is something about facing a fac full of teams that are full of s class that just suck the fun right out of this game.



I doubt it, the same things were said about 6 stars and here we’re all still here. The thing about S-Class that truly baffles me though is just how much money you have to throw away to get them. All those cakes or ice creams or keys or whatever and you need 2 of the maxed 6 stars :astonished: how is anyone stupid enough to look at that and think, well yeah that seems like a good way to spend a few thousand dollars? :upside_down_face::joy:

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The big difference between S Class and the previous 6* reset is 6*'s (and 5* before them) could typically be obtained by big spenders for a few hundred and small spenders/F2P had a chance to get lucky with a 10 pull or even single pulls.

Now the only way to get S Class is to either spend 1000’s which is ridiculous for a mobile game (And unaffordable to most players) or grind for a long time to get the required items by which time the S Class toon will probably be obsolete and outclassed.

Apple/Google, etc. really need to do something to limit the prices and spending in games to a sensible level. There are most likely some players getting themselves into considerable debt or blowing all their savings/investments just to be top in a mobile game!


It wont destroy it, it will be a new generation of spenders getting rinsed, while all those who have spent thousands on previous toons will see their investment turn to dust.
Hence the cycle continues

Can’t have spenders with out f2p, and no matter how you slice the cake s class is a ecosystem that many will not be able to thrive. Baffles why they would even create these fukn toons.


I see what you did there :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: it’s Scopely so they will slice it into crumbs and put it in the promo wheel for the next S-Class :joy:

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